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What is Mineral Water?

Mineral Water is water from a mineral spring. It contains differed kinds of minerals. Above you see a picture of our mineral water filtration bottle. This bottle fits all our water coolers. It converts tap water into mineral water. Just remove the lid from the bottle and poor your own tap water into the bottle. All the tap water fill be filtered by the 7-stage filter cartridge so chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediments are removed. Some very important minerals are added to the water!

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The function of water in our body. (Drink Mineral Water)

Water is life. Water is our most important nutrient. It helps keep our body healthy and on weight. The water coolers from Prestige water will make mineral water from your own tap. Our body also contains a lot of water. Our brain cells 82%, our blood 92%, muscles 75% and our bones 22%. We lose around 2.5 liters of water every 24 hours. Urine 1.4 liters, stools 0.1 liters, through skin and lungs 0.9 liters of water per day. Together 2.4 liters that must be supplemented by food and drink.

For adults it is recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of mineral water in addition to a normal diet and other drinks. What drinking water really does for your skin. Water is therefore the most essential element that we need to survive. The importance of water is sometimes very recognized. However, it has been scientifically proven that water is a nutrient and plays an important role in all natural functions in the body. Mineral water is healthy.
However, our body does not have the ability to store water. That is why it is necessary to always top up the water in your body. Your body loses moisture through exhalation, perspiration and urination.

If the body does not get enough water, the body gets into a stress situation. Emergency provisions are made to distribute the available water as well as possible. This takes a lot of energy and causes many disruptions in the body. If the situation persists, it will eventually cause all sorts of complaints and deterioration.

Unfortunately, few people drink enough water because they don't know how important this is. Drinking plenty of mineral water can prevent many physical complaints. A major misconception is the idea that any liquid can meet the water requirement. Is water melon healthy? Only water is suitable to make up for the shortage! Coffee, tea (black), cola, ice tea and alcoholic drinks have a reverse effect. After filtering water from your own tap you will drink mineral water. They extract moisture from the body and dry it out. Milk should be seen as a food and not as a supply of moisture. Herbal tea is seen as extra fluid intake. You must then be assured that it is real herbal tea and not flavored or flavored tea. These are based on black tea. Also mineral water for your tea.


When the body is thirsty, it manifests itself in all kinds of forms. A dry mouth, thirsty, is often the very last sign of dehydration when the body is about to give up its vital functions. However, there are many more signals that the body emits as an expression of thirst:

- Being overweight
- Fatigue
- Hunger feeling
- Heavy head
- Insomnia
- Poor concentration and irritability
- Allergies
- High blood pressure
- Constipation
- Bone descaling
- Arthritis
- Backache
- Old-age diabetes
- Autoimmune diseases
- Nausea during pregnancy

These are all urges that can be a result of dehydration from drinking too little.

Being overweight

If we do not drink enough mineral water, the energy supply of the cell becomes less and less. The body then gets more energy from food. The body is forced to store fat to extract energy from it. Mineral water helps with losing some weight.
Water also plays a role in digesting our food, the metabolism. Our stomach and intestines need moisture to decompose food. Consider for example a slice of bread, only when it becomes sufficiently moist does it fall apart. Drinking water half an hour before meals promotes digestion. It is also important to drink again an hour after eating to replenish the lost water.


If you feel tired for no apparent reason, this may be a thirst signal. Water is an energy supplier. It also removes waste which gives you a tired feeling. Drink a few glasses of mineral water and test whether your fatigue ebbs away.

Hunger feeling

Thirst and feeling of hunger are registered in the brain in a similar way. They can both arise due to lack of energy. That is why these feelings are often confused. Are you hungry? Then drink two glasses of mineral water and see if your appetite disappears. This is usually the case. This way you prevent being overweight.

Heavy head

The brain needs water for a good blood circulation. In the absence of water, the blood flow will decrease. This gives a dull, heavy feeling in the head and can cause headache or migraine. There is constant activity in the brain, which is why a lot of waste is produced there. Thanks to good blood circulation, these can be drained well. Drinking a lot of mineral water from a Prestige Water filter has more effect than a paracetamol with starting headaches. But even when a painkiller is inevitable, drinking water is important.


We do not drink water at night. As a result, the dehydration in the night will increase. After all, we lose moisture through exhalation at night. People who have too little water in their tissues will get worse sleep.

Poor concentration and irritability

How do I get more energy? The less water is present in the brain, the less we have left for concentration, dedication, patience and remembering. So drink mineral water. Alkaline water, is the nature of water.

Mineral water from the Prestige Water Coolers

Drinking more mineral water from the Prestige Water Cooler

Are you really unable to get water or do you have difficulty getting water away? Then bulk drinking is a good option. Here you choose a few moments a day where you drink several glasses of water one after the other. For example 3 or 4 large glasses for breakfast, lunch and your dinner. That way you will soon have enough water inside. In addition, this can also help you lose weight, because water fills your stomach and you eat less as a result. Win win! so, drink more water from your hot and cold water cooler. Why you must drink water when get up in the morning.

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