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Drinking healthy water during training: what exactly is that?

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. It almost sounds like a cliché: it is very important to drink enough water when you exercise. Certainly with the tropical temperatures of the last few days it is extra important to take a moment to reflect on your fluid intake. Why is water so valuable with your workout? And what role does salt play in this?

What should you take into account?

The main purpose of drinking water during exercise is to prevent dehydration. During exercise you sweat a lot and all the water that you lose during exercise must be replenished. You do that by drinking water. Or vitamin drinks, but watch out with the sugars they contain. Do you not like drinking water? Then make your own vitamin drinks by putting fresh fruit juice in your water from the healthy water coolers! Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. Healthy drinks instead of water.

Drink water before exercise

You can start your workout well prepared by ensuring that you have enough fluid in your body beforehand. If you are already thirsty before exercise, it is actually too late. So try to drink about half a liter of water 2 to 3 hours in advance. This way you can start your workout well hydrated.

A few more gulps before you start and you are ready to go. During exercise itself, drinking a glass of water from the healthy water coolers every 10 to 20 minutes is enough. After exercising it is also important that you keep drinking enough. The fluid requirement differs per person, because we all sweat to a different extent.

Don't drink too much water!

There is only one very important difference between drinking enough and drinking too much. Your body needs moisture to function, but too much moisture can be very dangerous. If you drink too much water and your body cannot get rid of this fluid, your body cells will absorb this.

This can go so far that they can no longer handle all the water. Then they can break. At that moment there is talk of water poisoning (water intoxication), which can even be fatal in the worst cases. So pay attention to how much water you drink.

Keep an eye out for yourself if you drink enough water

Peeing regularly is not only important to get rid of all the excess water, it is also a good way to see how much fluid your body needs. If your urine is dark in color and has a strong odor, your body needs more fluid. If it is light in color you do not have to drink more from the healthy water coolers.

Furthermore, it is also good to eat something after exercise after drinking all that water. Especially something that contains salt is sensible, because salt absorbs moisture. With intense exercise at high temperatures you run the risk of not having enough salt in your body.

Take the circumstances into account

So keep in mind what kind of sport you perform, how long you do it and how intense it is. If you spend less than two hours in a normal environment, you can simply drink water from the healthy water coolers from Prestige Water in a normal way and you don't have to worry about your salt. But if you are working out for more than two hours or exercising in a warm, humid environment, drinking "normal" water may not be sufficient for the physical intensity that you perform.

In such situations, the supply of glycogen, a long-term energy source that is stored in your muscles, can deplete. What does water for your skin. If possible, take a break to get something to eat or to drink a sports drink that is rich in carbohydrates and sodium.

Drinking water from healthy water coolers. The best biological solvent.

Water is one of the most important elements for the organism and fulfills a large number of functions. On the one hand, water ensures that mineral substances and trace elements reach every cell of the body and on the other hand, water has an inner cleansing function. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar.

Our body needs water to remove toxic substances: the best biological solvent. Water promotes the circulation of all organs, it also stimulates the metabolism and strengthens the body's immune system.

Balanced water management is an important condition for the functioning of the organism as a whole. Although most people know how important it is for the body that water is consumed regularly and sufficiently, many still adhere to wrong drinking habits. Insufficient water consumption can seriously damage water management and have an adverse effect on the functioning of various body functions.

It is therefore recommended - depending on body weight - to drink at least about two liters of water from healthy water coolers spread throughout the day. The need for water can even be much greater when you exercise, you are physically active, you live in a warm climate or you drink a lot of coffee. How do I get more energy?

Alkaline water, is the nature of water. Water is not only a necessity of life, it is an excellent care product that makes people feel comfortable. A quarter of a liter of water changes the skin's vitality. Great tasting water with minerals from the healthy water coolers. A few minutes after drinking water from healthy water coolers , not only the thirst is quenched, but the body cells are supplied with more oxygen, making a much fresher impression. Water contains no calories, but consumes them when it is drunk. The cool moisture is essential not only for the body, but also for a spiritual well-being.

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Water with minerals? That's how you do that from a healthy water cooler from Prestige Water

The basis for your body is water with minerals. You can drink this unlimited. Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. The guideline for good water consumption is to divide your weight by 30. The result in liters is what you need daily. The water will taste fuller but does not taste salty. Thanks to the minerals, the moisture is absorbed much better in your body cells, which means that you may initially become more thirsty, but also have to go to the toilet less. Ultimately this will diminish.

Even if you suffer from high blood pressure, you can drink this water well because this mineral salt also contains all minerals that lower blood pressure (in contrast to table salt).
Table salt and sodium bicarbonate each contain only 2 minerals. Celtic sea salt and Himalayan salt contain about 80+. The difference between the latter two is that Celtic sea salt contains less sodium and more magnesium from Himalayan salt.

Minerals in the lead role, healthy water coolers with minerals

Minerals are non-organic raw materials, small amounts of which are necessary to sustain life. These minerals are extracted from the soil by plants. But we can only call them nutritional minerals because the plant makes the minerals suitable for absorption by our body: so they are organic. The body cannot produce minerals itself, which is why it depends on the food we consume. Unfortunately, our diet contains too few minerals, so it is wise to supplement those minerals.

Those minerals are a co-factor for vitamins so that those vitamins can do their job well again.
But they are also very important, for example, to activate enzymes. When you consider that the pancreas (or pancreas) produces not only the hormone insulin but also digestive enzymes, you understand why it is so essential.
Minerals are also important in transport to and from the cells, stimulus transfer in the functioning of the central nervous system and balancing the acidity.
You only need small amounts of some minerals. Then we call them trace elements. We need hundreds of milligrams of macro minerals every day. Think of magnesium, calcium and potassium, which are mainly involved in the structure of bones and cells. There are so many minerals in the water after the 8-stage filtration from the healthy water coolers from Prestige Water.

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