Filtered Water Coolers Sydney

Clean and Fresh Filtered Water Coolers Sydney

Have you ever wondered which chemicals you are drinking on a daily basis and how it affects your family and pets? Here a small list of daily toxins in our drinking water supplies:

  • Chlorine - toxic - and a main disinfecting component found in our tap water supplies
  • Ammonia - toxic - added to our drinking water supplies to extend the life of chlorine
  • Fluoride - more toxic than the above

And we are told to drink 8 glasses of these toxins a day! Are you drinking enough?

The body needs water to stay alive but the chemicals that are added are not good for us, so lets rethink our drinking water problem. Filtered water coolers Sydney has stylish, convenient water coolers with a 7-stage filtration system, which not only cleans the toxins out of your water supply but also adds essential minerals and calcium to improve the health of your family. You still use your normal water supply but it is filtered through our unique filtration system and your family will thank you for the fresh taste and their healthier lifestyle.

Bench Top Filtered Water Coolers Sydney  Bench Top Filtered Water Dispensers Sydney ,     Floor Standing Filtered Water Coolers Sydney  Floor Standing Filtered Water Dispensers Sydney ,     Stainless Steel Filtered Water Coolers Sydney  Stainless Steel Filtered Water Dispensers Sydney

Why filtered water coolers Sydney?

Never pay for your drinking water again:

  • Never ending supply of pure drinking water with minerals
  • Cold water tap
  • Hot water tap, this tap will dispense room temperature water if switched off
  • Eliminate buying expensive bottled water
  • All models are suitable for home and office use. Please contact Prestige Water for advise
  • The filter cartridge will filter out all harsh chemicals found in tap water

At filtered water coolers Sydney we specialize in small "The Bench Top" to large "Stainless Steel" models of filtered water coolers. We deliver to businesses but also to homes. Everyone can enjoy great tasting water and you will notice that you and your family or staff will drink more water than ever before. Drinking more water will result in a better health. So if you are looking for a filtered water cooler and you do not want to spent any money on buying water, then look no further. Check out our prices here: PRICES filtered water coolers Sydney. When you look for a filtered water cooler at work, we understand how important it is to have a healthy and hydrated work force. The danger of dehydration. Give us a call on 1800 500 334to talk to our friendly staff or send us an email: EMAIL filtered water coolers Sydney

Save money with filtered water coolers Sydney today    Save with Prestige Water Coolers

Is your fridge stuffed with bottles of water? The truth about water bottles and our environment. Did you just run out of bottled water? It's time to find out what filtered water coolers Sydney can do for you. Drink only the purest water. Tap water vs Filtered water.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?