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Welcome to Brisbane Awesome Water Filters your specialist in drinking water filtration. You have come to the right place for all your water filtration and water coolers Brisbane options. We are local and have the following modern design available:

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Bench Top Brisbane Awesome Water Filters and Water Coolers     Bench Top Brisbane Awesome Water Filters and Water Coolers

Floor Standing Brisbane Awesome Water Filters and Water Coolers     Floor standing Brisbane Awesome Water Filters and Water Coolers

Stainless Steel Brisbane Awesome Water Filters and Water Coolers     Exclusive Brisbane Awesome Water Filters and Water Coolers

Brisbane Water Filters

This is the 7- stage filtration system from Brisbane Awesome Water Filters

Filtration Bottle from Brisbane Awesome Water Filters

Filtered water coolers from Brisbane Awesome Water Filters

We supply an outstanding water purification system for your tap water. Just refill the filtration bottle with your own tap water and our filter cartridge will remove chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediment and others from the water. Also very important minerals are added back to the water as well. So you can drink great tasting water for free from your own tap. Unlimited, as much as you want. The 7-stage cartridge will also remove bad taste and odors from the tap water. To install one of the Brisbane Awesome Water Filters and Water Coolers in your home or office just plug the power cord into the power point. No plumbing required! After installing one of the Brisbane Awesome Water Filters you can enjoy unlimited great tasting water as much as you like. No more costs! Why not order one of our modern Brisbane Awesome Water Filter systems today. You can enjoy drinking nice tasting water tomorrow. We only supply high quality water coolers and a unique water filter system.

Brisbane Awesome Water Filters

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7 simple tips for a healthy body with Brisbane Water Filters

Do you belong to the group of people who have been struggling all their lives against the excess kilos? Then we have good news for you. If you change your mindset and work properly to lose your pounds, they will stay away forever.

Yes, you read that right; all your life and you won't miss them. It has been proven that the easier your diet is, the easier it is to sustain in the long run.

The following 7 simple tips will therefore help you lose your excess kilos forever with Brisbane Water Filters

1. Measuring is knowing

Make sure the scale is your friend and not an enemy. Weigh yourself once a week at the same time. No more, but no less. If you make this a habit you stay focused and in the future you will not "accidentally" gain 5 kilos without realizing it.

2. Set yourself a goal

Know what you want and go straight for your goal. Write it for yourself on a note and post it in places where you are a lot. For example on a kitchen cupboard and your fridge. The background of your laptop is also a good place to write it down.

If it is clear to yourself and it is in your system then share your mission with a good friend. You can then keep that person regularly informed of your progress. This makes losing weight easier and more fun. Research has shown that people who clearly have their goal in mind and share it with others are 33% more successful than people who don't.

3. Create insight into your eating pattern

There is so much food that unknowingly goes into your mouth. By keeping a food diary for a while you become extremely aware. Write down everything you eat in this diary.

You will notice that you are shocked by what you unconsciously put into your body. You learn in this way exactly which nutrients are in the foods that you eat, so that you can make more conscious choices. Also don't forget to note what you drink. Drinking great tasting water from Brisbane Water Filters, Awesome! By drinking soft drinks, energy drinks and fruit juices you can subconsciously get a lot of calories.

4. Eat according to a low carbohydrate diet

If you want to lose weight, make sure you eat according to a low-carb diet that has the following composition:

  • 10-30% calories from carbohydrates
  • 40-60% calories from fats
  • 20 - 40% calories from proteins
Eating delicious ripe fruit. If your diet has this composition you will burn fat in the most efficient way. Eat as naturally as possible and avoid processed foods. Meat, fish, egg, nuts, seeds, seeds, vegetables, fruit, oils and water are the most important foods that you need to get. If you only eat from it, losing weight will not be a struggle, it will be easy. Drinking water with fruit and spice.

5. Eat varied

To maintain it in the long term, it is important that you create variation in your menu. Be creative, experiment. We do know the apples and bananas. But also try blueberries, peaches, blackberries, etc. There are so many delicious types of fruit.

The same applies to vegetables. A lot of delicious vegetables are available, but often we stick to green beans, cauliflower and broccoli. To lose the kilos in the long term, it is good to vary a lot so that your diet does not get boring.

This gives you many different nutrients that keep your body healthy and strong. Set yourself the goal that you try out a new recipe at least once a week. Try our Brisbane water filters for home and office. You will be amazed how nice it is to experiment with this and get to know new flavors. You can also replace a meal with a protein shake, which you can easily take with you in a nice shake cup.

6. Prepare your food

You are often tempted to eat unhealthy food because you have nothing healthy at hand or because there is nothing healthy to get where you are. Because you have so much appetite at such a moment, you admit to it and afterwards you regret it.

If you ensure that you eat three main meals a day, and take a healthy snack three times a day, you will never be "hungry" at other times of the day. Prepare your meals for the next day every day and take them with you. Make sure that you actually eat them, because if you regularly eat healthy food, your sugar level remains stable.

7. Drink water

Brisbane Awesome Water Filters: Water contains no calories and your metabolism works 3% faster, so you burn more fat. When you drink water you have less need for other drinks, which often contain calories due to the added sugars. Good hydration in the summer.

Drinking water satisfies your hunger, so you eat less and therefore burn more fat. You also get more energy, so you want to do something more active, which means you burn even more fat. And the more water you drink, the better the waste can be drained into your body. Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

Water from the Brisbane awesome water filters, more than a thirst quencher

Water! Is water healthy? We cannot survive without it. In principle we know the necessity of drinking it, but are we now really aware of what water means to our well-being? If we are more aware of this, we give it more priority and the need from ourselves may become much greater. Many women struggle to get the right amount of water, but with these tips we bring your fluid balance back-on-track!

Water: more than a thirst quencher

Our body consists of more than half water. You would think that we mainly consist of muscles and fat but it is therefore simply water. Often we only drink when we get thirsty, but that is not the first symptom that our body needs fluid. It even means that you have been drying out for quite a while. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

Water is essential for the removal of waste, for the absorption of nutrients and for all our body processes. Drinking enough water is important for good digestion, healthy organs and brains. Filtered water or bottled water. In addition, it is also good for our skin, hair and is an aid in weight loss.

Good for a healthy body & mind!

How do you know if your fluid balance is correct? Easy. By continuing to drink regularly. Below you will find even more benefits of drinking water. It is the first step to a healthy lifestyle, a healthy body and a happy mindset!
  • Water reduces our hunger feeling;
  • Water detoxifies your body during weight loss;
  • Water from the Brisbane awesome water filters gives you energy.

Right amount of water

How much fluid you need depends on your body weight, but if you drink a minimum of 2 to 3 liters of water a day, that's enough. We get part of it (about 20%) from our diet. In addition, some beverages and nutrients are water-repellent, so these are not really beneficial for our moisture balance. By water we also mean tap or mineral water, herbal teas and fresh juices. So it depends not only on how much you drink, but as said, what you drink and even when you drink it.

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Tips for drinking water at the right time

  • When getting up, drink a glass of warm water with lemon juice. Lemon gives your liver a boost and the water starts your digestion. Don't you like it? Then drink a glass of water at the same time as you get up.
  • Drink a glass of water 20 minutes from the Brisbane awesome water filters before you eat, this reduces your hunger feeling and also triggers your digestion.
  • Always try to drink 2 glasses of water between meals. Make it a routine.

Tips for drinking more water

  • Always take a bottle of water with you! Make it your priority to teach yourself this. Always fill this the moment you step out the door. For example, use the Bobble, a handy drinking bottle to take with you everywhere.
  • A glass after going to the toilet. If you drink more, you go to the toilet more often, always drink a glass of water before you go to the toilet. Beep like that anyway!
  • Give water a taste. Use lime, fresh fruit or fresh herbs such as mint and basil to give your water a taste.
  • Renounce soft drinks! This already helps so much to avoid a whole lot of calories. It does not necessarily help to drink more, but it is a very important one, especially if you also want to lose weight.
  • Are you walking to the tap to fill your glass? Then immediately drink your filled glass and fill it again.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?