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Filtered Bottled Water Coolers Brisbane for Home and the Office

NEVER pay for your drinking water again with Bottled water coolers Brisbane. If you install one of our water coolers in your home or office, you will have great tasting drinking water for free, unlimited quantities! Read here how:

Bottled Water Coolers Brisbane water filter The 7-stage filtration bottle from Prestige Water will convert your tap water into great tasting drinking water. Tap water vs Filtered water. Simply fill the top compartment of the filter bottle with you own tap water, all the water you fill in the top compartment will be filtered by the filter cartridge. This means that you never will have to buy bottled water anymore. You always have nice clean drinking water available for the whole family or your staff. Never run out of drinking water. Now you can have unlimited fresh filtered water ON TAP at your own home or office. Never have to pay for your drinking water and you will find that every one will drink more water too. Having a full glass of water all the time. Our filtration system ( 7 stages) is a simple solution to covert ordinary tap water into perfect drinking water. Reliable water coolers and very easy to maintain. It's not just a water cooler. It's a water filtration an purification unit wit a cold water tap and a hot water tap for all your hot water drinks. You can switch off the tot water and than this tap will dispense room temperature water. How great is that. All in one machine and for a very attractive price too. Just click on one of the links below to get the prices:

Our water coolers Brisbane models:

The Bench Top bottled Water Coolers Brisbane   Bench Top Bottled Water Coolers Brisbane   Bench Top Bottled Water Dispensers Brisbane

The Floor Standing bottled Water Coolers Brisbane   Floor Standing Bottled Water Coolers Brisbane   Floor Standing bottled Water Dispensers Brisbane

Exclusive bottled Water Coolers Brisbane   Stainless Steel bottled Water Coolers Brisbane   Stainless Steel bottled Water Dispenser Brisbane

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