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If space is limited and you do not want to pay a fortune to provide your family or business with clean and fresh drinking water, please consider our benchtop water coolers Melbourne. Bench Top Water Cooler Melbourne. This modern design is fitted with 2 taps. The blue tap will dispense chilled water. The red tap will dispense hot water, perfect for your coffee and tea. If no hot water is required simply switch it of at the back and the red tap will dispense room temperature water. On top of the water cooler you find our 7-stage filtration bottle. This bottle converts your normal tap water into great tasting drinking water. Remove the lid and fill the top compartment with your own tap water. All the water in the top compartment will be filtered by our 7-stage filter cartridge. Chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals and others will be removed while some minerals are added back to the water. Also the water will be a little more alkaline what is perfect for your health. Better health with Prestige Water. So, when you own one of our benchtop water coolers Melbourne you never have to buy water anymore. Never run out, simply refill as often as you like. Never have to stuff your fridge with water bottles anymore. Having a full glass of water all the time.

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Ginger and Lemon recipes - lose weight and drink water from a Benchtop water cooler Melbourne

Can ginger and lemon help you lose weight? Yes, it can certainly contribute - in addition to a healthy lifestyle, of course. ! Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning activates thermogenesis or heat production in the body, which means that we will burn fat faster. You can use the hot water tap on the benchtop water cooler Melbourne. Ginger also speeds up the metabolism and is therefore a great fat burner. View 5 great recipes here, which we found on the Internet. Tips to drink more water.

1. Hot water with lemon in the morning

Drinking a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning has many health benefits. The acid of the lemon takes care of the accumulated toxins in your body, burns excess fat and provides a high dose of vitamin C and antioxidants. Your skin and drinking water. The juice is best drunk hot to stimulate the body's thermogenesis, so that the fat-burning process comes into action faster.

2. Detox of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup

Having a full glass of water all the time. Have you ever heard of this simple but extremely efficient cure for burning fat? This detox treatment is an ideal way to speed up metabolism and in this way eliminate excess fat. The best result is obtained by following a ten-day course with this spicy drink. Drink three cups a day, one for each meal. Great tasting drinking water made from your own tap from a benchtop water cooler Melbourne.
Take the juice of a lemon and let it heat over a low heat and then add a pinch of cayenne pepper and a tablespoon of maple syrup. Then mix with three glasses of water and drink three times a day before each meal. You will lose weight successfully and feel great in your skin!

3. Tea from lemon, mint and grapefruit

This infusion is very easy to prepare, but gives excellent results! Drink preferably twice a day. Mix the juice of half a lemon, a full grapefruit and water. Let this boil and add a few mint leaves. After cooking, let cool a little and then season with a spoon of honey. You will see that enjoying and losing weight can certainly go together.

4. Ginger lemonade

You probably know this classic! Ginger lemonade ensures faster fat burning, stimulates digestion and prevents fluid retention and inflammation in the body with good results. Take the juice of two lemons and let it heat together with finely chopped ginger root in a pan. Add a quarter of a liter of water and let it cool when the boiling point is reached. Healthy water from a benchtop water cooler Melbourne. About Prestige Water. Add two pieces of lemon zest if desired. Filling a bottle with this tasty, fresh drink is easy and pour a glass before each meal. You will certainly lose the desired kilos, but remember that it is equally important to keep your weekly menu varied and healthy. Hot and cold drinking water from your benchtop water cooler Melbourne.

5. Green tea with ginger

It is generally known that green tea is good for health. This antioxidant-rich tea is the ideal drink for the afternoon. This healing drink is sometimes called the tea of a thousand and one healing properties. Green tea has a positive effect on the heart and blood vessels, prevents the accumulation of fat, lowers cholesterol levels and has a stimulating effect on digestion. In combination with ginger, it is the ideal ally to deal with excess kilos and it is also delicious!

Benchtop Water Coolers Melbourne with minerals

Water cooler with or without filtration. Sometimes so much emphasis is placed on all sorts of details of a diet plan that the basis is completely forgotten. Today we are going to talk about water and the importance of good hydration. The body consists of around 60% water. That naturally makes it enormously important to get enough water to keep you well hydrated. It is therefore advised from the nutrition center to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water from a benchtop water cooler Melbourne daily. But is this really enough and what happens if you don't do this? We will explain that today! Truth about drinking water.

Hydration and your brain

Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. You know it, you are at work and you get a headache in the middle of the afternoon. You blame the screen that you have been staring at all day or that awkward assignment that you just can't get completed. But did you know that the cause might be much simpler? It can simply be because you do not drink enough water from the benchtop water coolers Melbourne! Something that can quickly become a problem, especially on the warmer days.

Research showed that with 1% dehydration (that is, 1% of body weight was lost to moisture, for example by exercising or using moisturisers), the risk of headache increased considerably. Not only that, the test subjects also experienced a poor state of mind, less concentration and had more difficulty performing tasks. So do you have a bad day at work? Then check carefully whether you have drunk enough during the day!

Although the above may still sound pretty innocent, there is more than that. Other studies showed that even after dehydration, memory may be even worse than before. The subjects who were dehydrated also experienced a greater degree of fatigue. These are matters that must be taken very seriously, because although it is not known exactly whether long-term damage will occur, this opportunity is present.

So make sure you drink enough filtered water from the benchtop water coolers Melbourne especially in warm weather. Do this in particular with sports and / or moisture-wicking supplements and medicines. If you notice any of the above symptoms, always check whether you have drunk enough. Carrying a water bottle with you is therefore not a superfluous luxury!

Hydration and performance

We discussed the influence of a fluid deficiency on your brain above, but the rest of your body is not left untouched either! There have been several studies on dehydration and physical performance, with quite varied results. However, the general message seems clear: moisture is important for optimum performance! 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.

A study from 2003 already showed that sports performance for a longer duration (more than a few minutes) was clearly adversely affected when the subjects lost fluid. Drink heaps of water from the benchtop water coolers Melbourne. However, the influence on muscle strength was still unclear at that time. However, let it be clear that if you are going to run or cycle a long lap, it is crucial to have water with you!

In the years that followed, it also became more clear in the area of strength training. For example, in 2007 there was a study that showed that strength was initially not affected by dehydration. However, only the first set was discussed. With sets 2 to 5, performance was clearly lower compared to the group that had drunk enough. A study from 2015 adds a little extra to this with a more extensive study. It was found here that even with the first set of strength training the maximum strength was already about 5% less. So this indicates that no matter how you look at it, dehydration will adversely affect your performance in the gym. There are so many minerals in the water from the benchtop water coolers Melbourne.

The only exception to this seemed to be movements where body weight is important. For example, dehydration and therefore a lower body weight seemed to turn out positively with a vertical jump. However, this should be handled with some caution. Dehydrated and going to jump in the sun might go well, but there comes a point that dehydration wins and you can experience complaints.

Hydration and weight loss

Another interesting aspect of hydration is that it can affect how much weight you lose. For example, a 2003 study looked at the thermogenic effect of water and found an increase in metabolism of no less than 30%. Almost half of this effect was caused by the fact that the water had to be heated to body temperature. The net result was that at the end of the day, just under 100 extra calories were consumed when drinking 2 liters a day from the filtered benchtop water coolers Melbourne.

Maintain moisture balance by drinking alkaline water from your benchtop water cooler Melbourne

To maintain your fluid balance and not to dry out, you have to drink enough water in one day. You can absorb moisture in various ways. You get moisture through your food, ± 1 liter per day, but the most efficient method is of course by drinking water from the benchtop water coolers from Prestige Water.
Our advice? Adults need to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day, for children 1 liter of water per day is sufficient. There is a formula that you calculate 0.03 x your body weight in kilos as a guide for knowing how much water you need to absorb. For a 62 kg woman, that means she has to drink 1.86 liters of water a day. Are fruit juices healthy.

When you are sick, such as a fever or diarrhea, it is advisable to drink more water. During diarrhea you lose more fluid, which logically needs to be supplemented. You also have a higher body temperature during fever, which increases the need for fluid. So drink plenty of filtered water from the benchtop water coolers Melbourne.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?