Alkaline Water Coolers

Written on the 5 May 2016 by Peter

Alkaline Water Coolers

The Prestige Water Cooler - an All in One water system

  • No contract required
  • No lifting and carrying of heavy water bottles
  • No obligation to buy water bottles
  • No storage of water bottles
  • No connection / plumbing necessary to the water main
  • Always filtered water available ( even during power failure)
  • Easy maintenance - one or two filter changes each year
  • Free from harmful substances such as BPA


Filtering, mineralize and alkaline water

Alkaline water cooler and water filter

The Prestige Water cooler is a combination of a water filter and purifier with a cooling and heating element. With our 7-stage filter system, you convert tap water into great tasting drinking water. During this process, the pH value of the water increases into basic or alkaline water. Further the mineral stones will increases the oxygen level and many different minerals and trace elements are added to the water. The water cooler is equipped with a cooling and heating tap. This will chilled water to approx. 10 degrees C and heat water up to 97 degrees C. Mineral water, as we know it, is made by rainwater and seeps slowly through various soil layers. As a result it is filtered and important minerals and trace elements are taken on and also the water comes in contact with the eart's magnetic field. Our filter system follows this process exactly. Water is a good thirst quencher, but it will also be used in major ingredients in coffee, tea, soup and other foods. Healthy water is pure and the purity improves the taste.

Author: Peter
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