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If you would like to convert your tap water in great tasting drink water with minerals please read here how to do so.

Water Filters Perth is an Australian based company specialized in filtered water coolers including a filtration bottle.

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Water Filters Perth is a trusted supplier of filtered water coolers and water filters for more than 12 years. Purify your tap water into clear, great tasting and fresh drinking water. Our filtration bottle has a 7-stage filter cartridge inside. Simply remove the lid from the filter bottle and poor in your tap water. All the tap water fill be filtered by our 7-stage filter cartridge that will remove impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediments and others. Two sections of the filter cartridge are filled with mineral balls and these will add very important minerals back to the water. Minerals are good for you but also gives a nice taste to the water as well. You will find that our filtered water will taste better than most bottled water and it is for FREE.

This is our filtration bottle

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Free Unlimited drinking water with Water Filters Perth

- Primary Filter : Removal of Rust, sediment and particles of 5 micron and larger
- Active Carbon : Removes chlorine, Thihalomethanes, organic sediment, removes bad smell and taste
- Mineral Balls : Energizes the water molecules, adjust the water to an optimum mild alkaline level. Restores trace elements
- Coral Sand : increases calcium level
- Silver-Loaded Active Carbon : extra layer of activated carbon (Silver-Loaded)
- Mineral Balls : extra layer of minerals balls
- Inner Ceramic Filter : Antibacterial filter

Water Filtration Perth

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Water Filters Perth and losing weight

Losing weight is a difficult task for many people. More has to be exercised, and at the same time less and healthier should be eaten. You can support this process of moving more and eating less by drinking a lot of water. Water is crucial for the body and has a major positive effect on the line. Water ensures the removal of waste and harmful substances, it stimulates the burning of fat and counteracts hunger feelings. How many liter of water should you drink.

People don't easily think about changing drinking habits if they want to lose weight. Water contains no calories, and there are no harmful substances in water. Drink more from your water Filters Perth and lose more weight. It is the best source of fluid for the body.

Burn fat with the help of water

These are the consequences of drinking too little water. Water has a big hand in removing harmful substances, which is very important for slimming. Fat is packed with various hazardous substances. As soon as a person starts to lose weight, the fat is burned so that the hazardous substances are released. The substances must be removed from the body as quickly as possible. Water is also needed to keep the fat burning going. If you drink enough water, the food can be converted into energy more easily and not be stored as fat. It is also easier for the body to burn the fat. This will prevent you from gaining weight and you will also lose pounds. People who want to lose weight and not get enough fluid will have a hard time losing weight so try to drink plenty of water from the water filters Perth. Are fruit juices healthy.

Fighting hunger by drinking water from the water filters Perth.

Drinking water helps to prevent a feeling of hunger. The body can confuse thirst with feeling hungry. As soon as the body registers too little fluid, it will give signals that it is necessary to eat, which is very inconvenient if you are trying to lose weight. If there is enough fluid in the body throughout the day, the body cannot pass on false hunger feelings.

Other types of moisture

water is not the only source of moisture. Few people get the required moisture from drinking mineral water or tap water. There are also other types of drinks that help with weight loss. Coffee, tea and soft drinks mainly contain water and contribute to the moisture supply in the body. Unfortunately, there are disadvantages to each of these types of drinks. Caffeine from coffee has a very addictive effect. As soon as coffee is stopped, many people get headaches and concentration problems. Many coffee drinks also have a negative effect on health. Scientists cannot yet explain why this is the case, but advise not to drink too much coffee every day. On the other hand, coffee also has positive effects on physical health, because it contains many antioxidants that help the body to keep it healthy. A good amount is to drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day. You can use the hot water tap from the water filters Perth.

Tea should not be drunk too much either. Tea contains many antioxidants that are healthy for the body, but tea contains a lot of tannic acid, which prevents the absorption of minerals. Tea also contains fluorides in large quantities which are toxic to the body.

Soft drinks are also a good source of moisture, but there are even greater disadvantages to soft drinks than coffee and tea. Most soft drinks contain an enormous amount of sugar. This applies to carbonated drinks such as cola, seven-up, cassis and orange, but also to healthier-looking drinks. Soft drinks are also seen as hidden fat makers. Therefore pay attention to the light variants that contain much less sugar. The label states how many calories a pack of soda contains.

Many alcoholic drinks contain many empty calories. These are calories that the body cannot convert into energy. Beer contains an enormous amount of calories. If you are slimming you can leave beer better. If a lot of beer is drunk in succession, the body gets more calories than it can consume. The excess calories is stored as fat.

Fruit and vegetables consist of more than 70% water. Fruits and vegetables are good sources of moisture. They contain a lot of fiber, which is very good for the metabolism. It is then possible to do relatively much longer with a small amount of carbohydrates. The result is that the feeling of hunger is suppressed.

How many liters of water do you drink per day?

It depends on the body size how much water is needed for it to function healthily. An average person needs between 1.5 and 2 liters of water per day. If that average person wants to lose weight, it is wise for that person to drink even more water than that amount. The body can process half a liter of water per hour. The body can only handle a limited amount of water under normal circumstances. Drinking more water from the water filters Perth is even dangerous to health.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?