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If you would like to convert your tap water into great-tasting drink water with minerals please read here how to do so.

Water Filters Perth is an Australian-based company that specialized in filtered water coolers including a filtration bottle.

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Water Filters Perth

Water Filters Perth is a trusted supplier of filtered water coolers and water filters for more than 12 years. Purify your tap water into clear, great tasting and fresh drinking water. Our filtration bottle has a 7-stage filter cartridge inside. Simply remove the lid from the filter bottle and pour in your tap water. All the tap water fill be filtered by our 7-stage filter cartridge that will remove impurities such as chlorine, heavy metals, organic sediments and others. Two sections of the filter cartridge are filled with mineral balls and these will add very important minerals back to the water. Minerals are good for you but also give a nice taste to the water as well. You will find that our filtered water will taste better than most bottled water and it is for FREE.

This is our filtration bottle

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Free Unlimited drinking water with Water Filters Perth

- Primary Filter: Removal of Rust, sediment and particles of 5 microns and larger
- Active Carbon: Removes chlorine, Thihalomethanes, organic sediment, removes bad smell and taste
- Mineral Balls: Energizes the water molecules, adjusts the water to an optimum mild alkaline level. Restores trace elements
- Coral Sand: increases calcium level
- Silver-Loaded Active Carbon: extra layer of activated carbon (Silver-Loaded)
- Mineral Balls: extra layer of minerals balls
- Inner Ceramic Filter: Antibacterial filter

Filtration Bottle Water Filters Perth

Water Filtration Perth

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10 good reasons: why you should drink more water from your water filter in Perth

Now every child knows: that drinking water is healthy. Ideally, we drink 2-3 litres per day. Drink plenty of water. Give the body what it needs. But what actually makes water so important? How does water help us in everyday life? We will answer this and more for you in the following. Here are 10 great reasons why getting enough water is so important.

1: fuel your muscles

Water helps your muscles recharge their batteries. Why? Because sweating causes your muscles to lose water. And when muscles don't have enough water, they get tired. So drink enough water before or during your workout and improve your performance. At the same time, you reduce the likelihood of cramps and sprains.

2: More efficient metabolism

Various studies have shown that if you drink half a litre of water in 30-40 minutes, you burn up to 30% more calories. Particularly practical: At the same time, water increases your feeling of satiety. Forget about diets - with water you can finally declare war on your excess pounds!

3: a younger skin

Certain toxins in the body cause your skin to become inflamed and clog your pores. Not only does water prevent dry skin, but it also efficiently flushes all toxins and bacteria out of your body. This will reduce pimple formation, improve the appearance of your skin - and look forward to a healthier and younger appearance!

4: No more headaches

Dehydration is one of the most common causes of headaches. Before you swallow a tablet, you should therefore grab a glass of water from the water filters in Perth. Regular water intake can cure most headaches, even those caused by tiredness.

5: Stronger immune system

Why you must drink water when getting up in the morning. Water strengthens your immune system and helps fight colds and flu. It also prevents salts from building up in your kidneys and kidney stones from forming. Because kidneys need enough fluid to perform their functions optimally. Water also dilutes your blood and prevents cardiovascular disease. Besides, water even strengthens your bones and prevents arthritis. A real all-rounder!

6: More productivity

A regular supply of water helps your brain work faster, increases focus and increases your ability to think clearly. A study in London found that students get better grades if they drink water during an exam.

Just like a car can travel more distance with more gas, so does more water make you more productive.

7: Better digestion

Water helps remove toxins and waste from the body and promotes regular bowel movements. This is incredibly important for a healthy bowel - and also helps prevent constipation.

8: perfect hydration

Around 60% of your body is made up of water. It is therefore not surprising that water plays an important role in many body functions. If you drink enough water, you will keep your water hydrated. This has many advantages: nutrients can be transported more efficiently in the body, the body temperature is kept constant, saliva formation is promoted and your circulation is improved. Drink plenty of clean water. Healthy and great tasting alkaline water from the water filters in Perth.

9: feel good

Water promotes the flow of nutrients and hormones and releases endorphins. When your body has enough water, you will look better and feel better!

10 Better breathing

With an adequate supply of water, the red blood cells store more oxygen. This is important because we lose almost 1.5 litres of water every day through our breathing and our skin. Therefore, the alveoli must always be moistened. Failure to do so increases the risk of respiratory disease.

Are you drinking enough filtered alkaline water from the benchtop or floor standing water filter Perth?

Of course, you can, as you probably already thought drink too little. And it can even be faster than you think. Because we usually don't notice directly when we haven't drunk enough during the day. In the best-case scenario, a headache will show you the way to the tap in the evening, or slight pressure in your head will remind you: Once again, you didn't drink more than one glass of water. If any.

In addition to headaches and a feeling of pressure in the head, the following symptoms can be the result of dehydration (not drinking enough water):

- Dizziness, the feeling of weakness

- Vomiting, nausea

- Loss of vision, blind spots (flickering dots)

- Dry mouth and nose

- Hot flashes

- Fever

- hypotension (low blood pressure)

Why is Filtered Water so Important?