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How to make your own drinking water with Water Filters Melbourne

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Are you still buying bottled water? Are you still drinking tap water with all the chemicals? Here is the solution for all your drinking water needs: The Water Filters Melbourne filtration bottle is designed to fit your water cooler. It will provide you with great tasting water made from your own tap. The only cost you will have is the cost of changing the filter cartridge every 6 - 12 months depending on your usage. 

Product details:

  • Our filtration bottle will fit most water coolers. Please contact us for more details
  • No need to buy bottled water anymore, cost and time saving
  • Easily refilled by adding tap water in the top compartment of the water filtration bottle
  • Unlimited FREE drinking water made from your own tap
  • Brand: Prestige Water Filter Cartridge
  • Color: Transparent
  • Filter stages: 7
  • Diameter at top: 83 mm
  • Total lenght: 173 mm
  • Filling of the bottle: manually, No plumbing required

If you own a water cooler and still buy bottled water, you can now replace that bottle with our 7-stage filtration bottle and enjoy water that doesn't taste like chlorine. You will love this product! It is easier to refill this bottle than lifting the heavy bottles you buy from the bottle companies. 

If you don't own a water cooler you can purchase one from us as well. We can offer you following models:

  • Bench Top water cooler with water filters Melbourne
  • Floor Standing water coolers with water filters Melbourne
  • Exclusive water coolers with water filters Melbourne

If you click on one of the water cooler links you will be directed to the product page of that water cooler. Here you find all information you need and also the prices.

For questions please email us: email Water Filters Melbourne

Or call us on: 1800 500 334

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