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Drink enough water from your water filter Adelaide every day - that's how it works

"Always drink only water. It's boring and not very varied! "

Many think so and avoid pure water. It is often forgotten that drinking water is ideal for losing weight and that the taste can be changed with just a splash of lemon. I have got used to the neutral taste of water myself and drink about 3 liters a day because I do a lot of sport. By the way, experts recommend that we should drink the water warm, since warm water has a much higher dissolving and cleaning power than cold water. What applies to the washing machine also applies to our body In order to make cold water usable for your organism, your body needs a lot of energy. That is why it makes so much sense to simply drink the water warm. Drink more water in hot weather.

How to drink enough water

For optimal drinking behavior in your everyday life, I have the following further tips for you:
  • Always have water available: No matter where you are during the day, always have enough water available so that you can drink water evenly throughout the day. I always refill my recycled TrueFruits bottles. I have two of them and after a short refill I can get through the day wonderfully during the lunch break. We should be much more appreciative of having tap water that we can drink.
  • Drink enough water from a water filter Adelaide from Prestige Water while eating: Fortunately, we drink something to eat with us. The water helps the ingested fiber to swell better. Drinking water makes the consistency of the food softer and easier to digest. Cold water drinking.
  • Don't drink your water from plastic bottles: There are so many alternative and cool drinking vessels to finally break away from the plastic bottles. Bottled water, Tap water or filtered water. Why should you avoid plastic bottles? Because microplastics can dissolve in water and pose a real threat to our health. Since the effects of plastic are not directly visible, it unfortunately bothers far too few people. Carry fewer six-person carriers to the apartment and instead sit on the water that is already in your apartment. That drinks well, doesn't it? I recommend that you use such a glass bottle or this stainless steel bottle made of stainless steel for storing water.
  • Bring some variety in your drinking behavior: Of course, the focus should be on pure water. But in order to take in 2 liters a day, you should also increase your desire for it. Combine the water with a herbal tea or a spritzer. I also hardly drink any alcohol anymore. Because alcohol removes fluids from your body.

Drinking enough water from a water filter Adelaide is easy!

Plastic-free stainless steel drinking bottle without plastic I use this plastic-free stainless steel drinking bottle.

As you can see, drinking water is essential for our body. It is absolutely uncomplicated to take in enough water, but unfortunately it is often neglected out of convenience. I hope this article helps you and encourages you to drink enough water. I myself freshened the two TrueFruits bottles in the picture in the above paragraph so that I have enough water from the alkaline water filter Adelaide with minerals every day in the office. When I'm on the go, I use this stainless steel bottle because it's not that heavy and, to be honest, I'm really into the design. Please refrain from using plastic bottles in your daily drinking routine and help to reduce the global consumption of plastic. Fortunately, we have the water in the tap at home.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?