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Looking for a water dispenser with a filter bottle so you can use your own tap water?

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The choice between a "spring water bottled water cooler" and a "filtered water cooler" is very simple. Are you willing to spend every week lots on your drinking water? The average cost of a bottle of 15 liter spring water is $12. If you use lets say 2 bottles each week, the total cost for a year will be $1272. This is the cost for the water only, year after year. Now you can have enormous saving by filtering your own tap water. Tap water in Australia is one of the best tap water in the world, but it will have some chemicals such as chlorine. Tap Water vs Filtered Water. As you can see on the picture, we have a 7-stage filter build into our filtration bottle. This filter will remove most chemicals from your tap water, and also some very important minerals are added back to the water as well. Water - make it safe to drink. Now you can enjoy UNLIMITED FREE drinking water free from your own tap. Never run out, simply refill if needed. All our water dispensers are fitted with this filter bottle. Make the right choice and feel free to contact us for all your questions. Great tasting water from the water dispensers Alice Springs.

Why a water cooler at work?

Benefits of drinking water. Water is the most important substance of life a man needs, but unfortunately this is too often consumed in a different capacity that is good for the human body, just think for example of coffees and lemonades. Of course these products are not indispensable part of our society but we must not, and can handle more aware about this. Water contains NO calories or sugar or caffeine, it increases the concentration and has a cleansing working for the body. Water is not only the healthiest product but also the cheapest. In Australia, tap water is supplied in a very high quality, the demand for drinking water are set in our legislation. So as to the quality, there is no reason NOT to drink filtered tap water. Encouraging to drink more water can be accomplished simply by placing a water in your office or home. The water dispensers Alice Springs will have a high value with nice filtered drinking water Hot and Cold.

Fluid intake in sports: what is your advice? Healthy drink water from the filtered water dispensers Alice Springs.

The body loses moisture during exercise. Calculate how much water you should drink per day. It is wise to supplement these losses to prevent dehydration from affecting the performance and functioning of the body. What advice can you give the athlete and how does the Beverage Hydration Index help with this?

Fluid intake in sports: what is your advice?

The amount of fluid lost during sweating during exertion depends, among other things, on the ambient temperature, air humidity, the degree of exertion, body weight, genetic predisposition, acclimatization and metabolic effectiveness. 5 questions & answers in a row for good advice for drinking from the water dispensers Alice Springs around sports. Good hydration in the summer.

1. How much moisture does an athlete lose during exercise?

The fluid loss can vary considerably per person; it can be modest (0.3 liters per hour) but it can also go up to 3 liters per hour (1). Fluid loss of> 2% of body weight can lead to reduced aerobic exercise efforts, as well as to reduced cognitive functioning (2). In addition to moisture, minerals (electrolytes) are also excreted through sweat; especially sodium and chloride and to a lesser extent potassium and magnesium. Here too there are major differences between individuals.

2. When is the best time for an athlete to drink?

It is important to prevent dehydration as much as possible. That is why it is advisable to start drinking early in the training or competition and to continue taking fluid, even if there is no incentive to drink. At the moment that thirst is experienced, there is already a fluid deficiency.

3. How can moisture loss be supplemented?

Moisture loss must be supplemented to prevent dehydration from affecting the performance and functioning of the body. The moisture loss should preferably not exceed 2% of the body weight. For a person of 75 kg this amounts to a maximum of 1.5 kg weight loss due to fluid loss. The amount to be drunk is best suited to the individual, since it depends on factors such as the duration of the effort and the ability to drink from the water dispensers Alice Springs during exercise. Moreover, the amount of fluid that can be drunk during exercise is individually determined, since fluid intake during exercise can sometimes lead to stomach and intestinal complaints. That is why it is important to try and practice this during training. Tips to get through the summer COOL.

4. What can an athlete drink?

The most important factors that influence the re hydration process, or the replenishment of fluid, during and after exercise are the volume and composition of the drink in question. Consumption of drinks that contain electrolytes and carbohydrates can help to maintain a good fluid and electrolyte balance during exercise.
  • During exercise, the athlete can drink water or with an intensive exercise of more than 1 hour a sports drink with carbohydrates to maintain the glycogen stores in the muscles
  • After exercise, the athlete can drink 1.2-1.5 liters of fluid from the water dispensers Alice Springs for every kilogram of body weight lost during exercise. Drinking re hydration drinks and eating salty meals or snacks supplements the electrolyte loss.
5. What is the Beverage Hydration Index?

The advice to drink is aimed at supplementing the fluid loss. Then it is important that the moisture also remains in the body and that not all of them get peed out again. To gain more insight into this, Maughan et al., (2016) recently developed the so-called beverage hydration index (BHI). This is an index for the extent to which the body can absorb and retain moisture from a drink. For the development of this index, the effect on the moisture balance of 13 different drinks was compared (from water to milk and from ORS to beer). The test subjects drank equal amounts of different drinks and then urine production was measured. Because a lower urine output means that the body can "use" more fluid for the recovery of the fluid balance. Drink plenty of water from the water dispensers Alice Springs. This experiment showed that skimmed and whole milk makes a good contribution to the hydration in the body compared to other drinks such as water, tea, cola and sports drink.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?