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Water dispenser Townsville has been supplying filtered water coolers for over 20 years now. Our 3 modern looking and high standard quality of our products are the best in the market. Please find here Bench Top water dispenser Townsville, Floor Standing water dispenser Townsville and our Stainless Steel water dispenser Townsville.

Bench Top Water Dispenser Townsville Bench Top Water Cooler Townsville ,,     Stainless Steel Water Dispenser Townsville Stainless Steel Water Cooler Townsville

Water Dispenser Townsville

Each of the water dispenser Townsville models has its own features, the Bench Top model water dispenser Townsville for home and small offices up to our Stainless Steel model for home and larger offices, fitness centres, schools, and more. All models come with a filtration bottle including a 7-stage filter cartridge. There is no plumbing required and you only need 1 PowerPoint. To fill the filtration bottle only remove the lid from the bottle. Fill up a jug from your tap and pour the tap water into the top compartment of the bottle. All the water will be filtered with our filtration bottle. Filter Bottle Water Dispenser Townsville Filter Bottle Water Cooler Townsville.  This filter bottle will remove chemicals from your tap water such as chlorine, organic sediments, heavy metals, and more. The filter cartridge will also add some very important minerals back to the water. So now you and your family or staff can enjoy unlimited great-tasting water free from your own tap. You can refill the bottle as often as you like and you will never run out of drinking water. Never spend any money on bottled water again and great tasting water from your own water dispenser in Townsville.

Water Cooler Townsville

Some reasons why you should drink enough water from your water dispenser Townsville

Drinking healthy water will help maintain the balance of your body fluid. Approx. 70 % of your body is water so you can understand how important it is to drink good quality water without all the chemicals you find in tap water. A good level of these body fluids will help for better digestion, maintain body temperature, circulation, and heaps more. Drinking 8 glasses of water each day is a good indicator. If you exercise or are in some hard work you could drink more water. Normally your body will tell you when to drink healthy water with minerals from your own water dispenser Townsville.

If you want to lose some weight start the day by drinking 2 glasses of water before breakfast. Drinking water is easy if the taste is good and therefore we recommend drinking properly filtered water. You can add a slice of lemon to the water. By doing this you get filled up with water and this will help to lower your calorie intake. There are no minerals in the water from a water dispenser in Townsville. Prestige Water recommends drinking mineral water and you can drink this by filtering your tap water through the filter system from the water dispenser in Townsville.

When exercising it is very important to keep your fluids up. Drink before and during exercise at regular intervals

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During hot days it is important to drink enough. But why actually? And how do you ensure that you get more fluid? What is the best thing to drink?

We survived the first hot days. But even more, heat is coming! During these hot days, it is important to drink enough. But why actually? And what is the best thing to drink?

Why do we have to drink more water from the water dispenser in Townsville in warm weather?

Our body consists of +/- 55% water. It is the main building material for all fabrics. In addition, it is important for the production of digestive steps and has a function as a means of transport for nutrients, waste and electrolytes. Furthermore, moisture is important for maintaining our body temperature. The amount of moisture we need in a day depends on many factors. Consider your age, physical exertion and temperature and climate.

You run the risk of dehydration if your moisture loss is greater than the absorption of moisture.

Features of this are:

  •     thirst,
  •     dry mouth,
  •     headache
  •     and increasing drowsiness.

In the worst case, there may be an increased heart rate and sometimes fatal high body temperature. A high temperature and low humidity lead unnoticed to a large loss of moisture with all its consequences. Older people in particular are often the victims of this. Drink more water from your water dispenser in Townsville. For example, at high temperatures, the number of deaths in nursing and care homes is increasing considerably.

How do I know if I drink enough?

Do not wait to drink until you are thirsty, but drink all day long. There is a very simple trick to check if you have drunk enough. Look at the colour of your urine:
  •     Is this clear to pale yellow? Then you drink enough.
  •     Is your urine dark yellow in colour? Then you drink too little.

What is the best thing to drink?

Natural water is the best thirst quencher. Boring?! Does not have to! You can perfectly flavour your glass of municipal lager. For example with lemon or lime slices, mint or fruit. Fruit water. Add fruit to the water from your water dispenser in Townsville. Lemon water is healthy and delicious.

Limited choice for sugar-rich drinks. These provide a lot of calories. In addition, these hypertonic drinks are not thirst-quenching. This is because the moisture is less well absorbed by the high concentration of sugar and electrolytes. Sugar-free soft drinks may be well absorbed, but they do contain many acids. This is not good for your teeth. So take this in moderation.

Read also: Drinking water and losing weight.

Coffee or not?

Coffee is also a great drink to keep your fluid balance. You often hear that coffee and tea do not contribute to fluid intake, but rather to fluid loss. This idea is not so bad either. Caffeine has the property to promote sodium excretion. Since sodium attracts moisture, this means that more urine is formed and urine production increases. An intake of more than 300 mg caffeine will therefore have a slightly moisture-wicking (diuretic) effect. Instead of drinking coffee you better can drink great-tasting water from your water dispenser in Townsville.

It is therefore a fact that caffeine has a moisture-wicking effect during the first hours after ingestion. But during the day this is compensated by a reduced moisture drift. This allows caffeine to ensure that you have to go to the toilet earlier, but not that the daily amount of urine increases.

In a recent study comparing the effect of water consumption and coffee consumption on the fluid balance, the researchers showed that drinking coffee does not lead to dehydration. So those cups of coffee just count in your moisture balance!

Do not drink alcohol

Although most enjoy a glass of wine or beer on the terrace, it's better to drink something else. This is because alcohol extracts moisture from the body, so you dry out faster. Do you still feel like a beer on that balmy summer's day? Then choose the 0.0% variant or take a glass of water next to each glass of alcohol.

Although you know that you have to drink enough, it can be difficult to actually do this. A few tips:

  • Take a glass of water from your water dispenser in Townsville every hour. Make it a habit to drink something every hour, even if you are not thirsty. If you are thirsty you are already too late. If necessary, set an alarm clock or use an app (such as Daily Water - Drink Reminder) that gives you a reminder to drink. Make sure you have water on hand. When you are on the road it is sometimes difficult to drink enough. Get well prepared and take drinks with you. Then at least you have a bottle with you if you get stuck in traffic or on the train.
  • Put a bottle or glass at your fingertips at home. Seeing food makes food, and seeing drinking makes drinking. And because you don't have to make an effort to get it, you also take it faster.
  • Season your drink. For example, choose a few slices of lemon, sprigs of mint or pieces of fruit in your water to bring it to taste. Then it also drinks away a lot easier.
  • Watch out for babies, young children and the elderly. They run a greater risk of dehydration. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

Lose weight with alkaline water from a benchtop or floor standing water dispenser in Townsville?

When you lose weight, drinking enough - especially at mealtimes - contributes to satiety. However, losing weight with water alone does not make you slim. Unless you use it to replace sweet drinks.

What happens if you are dehydrated?

When there is a lack of fluids, water is withdrawn from the blood and tissues. Your body restricts the supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscle and brain cells. You get tired quickly and have trouble concentrating.

Is flavoured water also possible?

Why surely! With fruit, herbs and even vegetables and spices, you can give your water a really tasty kick. The easiest and most beautiful way is with an Infruition water bottle, which you can order directly in the shop or online.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?