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Is drinking water important

Truth about drinking water. The body constantly loses water through normal body functions, or 2.5 to 3 liters per day from a water dispenser Noosa. Water cooler with or without filtration. To keep the body healthy, this fluid loss must be supplemented. Strangely enough, a feeling of thirst often only occurs when there is already a lack of moisture in the body. For that reason it is important to drink water regularly, and not to wait until you are thirsty. By the time you start to feel thirsty, there is already a fluid deficiency in the body of 0.8% to 2% of the body weight. Here are some of the many important functions of water for the body.

The brain

Brain tissue consists of 85% water. For this reason, the adverse effects of insufficient hydration may occur first in the brain: headache, poor concentration and reduced short-term memory. Even arithmetic skills, and the speed with which psycho motor tasks are performed, may have decreased. This is because dehydration causes energy production in the brain to decrease. Drink great tasing water from a water dispenser Noosa. Studies have shown that the ability of a person to concentrate, with a moisture shortage of only 1 to 2%, is decreasing all the time.

The heart

The heart consists of 77% water. Clinical studies have shown that a good fluid balance may lead to an improvement in heart function, and thus to a reduction in the risk of developing heart disease.

The liver

The liver consists of 73% water. The function of this organ is the conversion of fat into energy that can be used by the body. However, when there is insufficient fluid intake from a water dispenser Noosa, the liver needs to be involved in the work of the kidneys. As a result, more fat accumulates in the body, which would have been burned by the liver if the fluid intake was sufficient.

The lungs

It may sound strange, but your body also needs water to breathe. The lungs consist of 85% water. To absorb oxygen and remove carbonic acid, our lungs must be constantly moistened with waterfrom a water dispenser Noosa. On average, a person loses by breathing between a half to one liter of water per day. When dehydrated, the body tries to prevent fluid loss due to respiration by producing histamine, which causes the capillaries to be blocked in the lungs. This reduces the loss of moisture, but breathing is made more difficult.

The skin

The skin is the largest organ of man, both in terms of weight and surface, and consists of 70% water. Every day we lose part of our bodily fluid by evaporation through the skin. Certain conditions in our work environment, such as climate control heating and air conditioning, low humidity, and even simple things like soap and cleaning agents, can cause damage to the protective outer layer of the skin, which is therefore less able to retain moisture. If you do not drink enough to compensate for this fluid loss, you will find that your skin will feel dry. Healthy drinking water from a water dispenser Noosa. Moisturizing creams and body lotions can counteract these symptoms, but the best solution is to drink a glass of water to hydrate your skin from the inside.

The kidneys

The kidneys consist of 80% water. Their function is the removal of breakdown products from the body, which are dissolved in water in the kidneys. If there is insufficient water, these waste materials are not effectively disposed of, which can cause damage to the kidneys. The British National Kidney Research Foundation recommends drinking two liters of water from a water dispenser Noosa every day as this may reduce the risk of kidney stones. Can you do to the toilet faster if you drink lukewarm water. Why do I have to pee so often.


Even your bones contain a lot of water, about 22%. Water is also necessary for supple joints. The cartilage tissue at the end of our bones holds water to lubricate the movement of joints. Hot and cold water from a water dispenser Noosa. If two opposite ends are well hydrated, the joint moves smoothly. Dehydration of the cartilage, however, results in friction in the joint, causing damage and pain, such as arthritis.

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Benchtop Water Dispenser Noosa
Benchtop Water Dispenser Noosa
Floor Standing Water Dispenser Noosa
Floor Standing Water Dispenser Noosa
Floor Standing Water Dispenser Noosa
Floor Standing Water Dispenser Noosa

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