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TIP: 10 Signs that you drink too little water

Everyone knows that it is important to drink a lot of water - but why is it so important, and what are the symptoms of dehydration? These are the consequences of drinking too little water. How much water you have to drink every day depends on your physique, the weather and your state of health. But that water is of great importance to your body is beyond dispute. Actually, I should drink more water.

These are ten unpleasant things that can happen if you drink too little water.

1. Concentration problems

The human brain consists of 90% water, and dehydration, therefore, has major consequences for the brain. A lack of water can influence the ability to make decisions, memory and mood. So if you suddenly look up against simple chores like a mountain, you better drink a glass of water. Maybe you see it a lot sunnier.

2. Bad breath and dry mouth

If your body has a water shortage, it will produce less saliva. The antibacterial substances in saliva keep the bacteria in your mouth in check and prevent bad breath. Moreover, water keeps the mucous membranes in your neck moist, and without this layer of water, your mouth feels dry.

3. Sudden, inexplicable sense of eating

The next time you crave a snack, you better drink a glass of water. If your body lacks water, your brain will erroneously send a hunger signal, while in reality, you are thirsty.

4. Constipation

Water forms a lubricant for digestion and keeps the bowels clean and supple. Without this lubricant clogging, acid regurgitation and other digestive problems arise.

5. Exhaustion or loom

When you are dehydrated, your body starts to show signs of exhaustion, or you become languid. This is due to low blood pressure and lack of oxygen in the brain, both consequences of a lack of water. The feeling of exhaustion is enhanced because your body needs extra strength to keep the blood circulation going, and you notice that.

6. Headache and dizziness

Headache and dizziness are also consequences of drinking too little water. If there is too little water, the cerebrospinal fluid is addressed, and that leads to headaches. Dehydration also ensures that less oxygen goes to the brain. If you have a headache and you think it may be due to a water shortage, drink a large glass of water. The headache will then quickly disappear without having to swallow pills.

7. Joint or muscle pain

80% of your joints and cartilage consists of water, and therefore no healthy and strong joints without water. If you are dehydrated, the protective layer between the bones will disappear and you will be able to cope less with a bump.

8. Dry or flaky skin and lips

Water makes the skin elastic. Your skin and drinking water. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and therefore consumes a large part of the water you drink. For that reason, you see it first on your skin if you drink too little. You sweat less than, leaving dirt and grease on the skin. In case of a long water shortage, there are also wrinkles.

9. Less toilet visit

You have to go to the toilet four to seven times a day, and if you drink enough water, that goes without saying. Through the urine, toxins that originate in the cells are excreted. So drink enough water to flush the poison out of your body.

10. An increased heart rate

A water shortage has a big influence on the heart and the heart rhythm. When dehydrated, the plasma volume of the blood is reduced, making the blood more viscous. Thick blood is more difficult to pump around and leads to an increased heart rate. Better health with Prestige Water.

Great tasting drink water after filtration from the alkaline water dispenser Kiama

The bottle is always ready at hand.

On the desk in the office, in the handbag or sports bag, in the living room, dining table and bedside table: if possible, there should always be a drink within reach. Then the grip is often carried out automatically afterwards.

Pimp my Water - with natural additives

Whether still, with little or with a lot of carbon dioxide - there are also very different tastes in water. Some people find it particularly difficult to drink pure water. Unsweetened tea or spritzers - two-thirds of water and one-third of juice mixed - are healthy options. It doesn't always have to be the classic apple spritzer. How about some rhubarb or mango juice? “Infused water” is also very much in vogue. With lemon, mint, ginger, cucumber, melon, lime, rosemary, thyme, lemon balm or other herbs, fruits or vegetables, the water gets a very individual taste. In a carafe, it also looks great. The longer the mixture draws, the more intense the taste becomes.

A sip with every bite

As naturally as plates and cutlery come on the table when setting, a drink should also be served. If it is next to the meal when eating, it is usually also drunk. And the liquid also stimulates digestion while you eat.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?