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TIP: Too little drinking and symptoms of fluid deficiency: What happens to your body

The first symptoms of a fluid deficiency are logical and easily recognizable. You get thirsty, your mouth and throat feel dry and you simply need water. Drinking too little can cause more symptoms and complaints, especially if you do not drink enough water for years. Great tasting water from a water dispenser in Geelong. A chronic fluid deficiency can be a danger to your overall health because drinking enough water is extremely important for many body functions. In fact, your body simply needs sufficient water to function properly. Great tasting water from your water dispenser Geelong.

Short-term effects and symptoms of fluid deficit & dehydration

If you do not drink enough water from your water dispenser in Geelong, you will suffer relatively quickly from a fluid deficiency or (mild) dehydration symptoms. On average, the body of an adult male consists of approximately 60% water, in women, this is about 50%. (source) You usually get thirsty if your body contains about 1 to 2% less water. In some circumstances, you quickly lose moisture. Healthy drinking water from a water dispenser in Geelong. Think of hot days and during physical activity. Even the first symptoms of fluid deficiency can therefore be pretty intense. 7 Ways to grow your hair faster. Think of symptoms of a fluid deficiency:

Thirst: dry mouth, throat & tongue

A dry mouth is usually the first sign of a lack of fluid. In some people, the throat feels even dry. Time for a large glass of water as soon as you notice this! Filtered water from the water dispenser in Geelong.

Dizzy & limp

Nutrients are delivered to your body cells using water. If you drink too little, you may feel very dizzy and weak because cells can not be optimally supplied with nutrients. Your brain also depends on moisture to function properly. So this is another reason why you may start to feel dizzy with a lack of fluid. Drinking too little can also result in a reduced blood volume, so you can also experience dizziness. Flue and drinking water.

Joint pain, stiffness, muscle pain & muscle cramps

If the amount of water in your body has dropped by 5%, you will start to notice this in your muscles and endurance. Water acts as a sort of protective layer and lubricant for your joints. By drinking too little, your joints will start to work harder and your body will start to feel stiff.

In addition, water also acts as an 'electrolyte', a liquid that makes it possible for your nerves to give a signal to your muscles if they have to contract and contract. Please drink plenty of water from your water dispenser Geelong. A water shortage can thus easily result in a muscle cramp. A muscle cramp can also occur because your muscles can not be optimally supplied with the necessary nutrients in case of a shortage of fluid. Water is also required to deliver oxygen to your muscles. This is the reason that too little drinking quickly results in muscle pain and joint complaints. Especially during physical activity and sports, it is therefore very important to drink enough water from your water dispenser in Geelong.


If you drink too little, it becomes more difficult for your blood to transport oxygen and nutrients efficiently to your body's cells. Therefore drink heaps of water from our water dispenser in Geelong. This is also the reason that dehydration often results in a tired, exhausted feeling. Your body simply does not get what it needs and has to work extra hard to pump blood around.

Do not urinate & dark yellow urine

Urine consists for the most part of water. Many waste products leave your body through the urine. If there is insufficient water available, you will be able to urinate less or not at all, causing waste to accumulate. The result is very concentrated, dark yellow urine or even no longer able to urinate. This allows you to start feeling a lot. Urine should have the colour of straw or lighter.

Dry eyes & no tears

In case of a moisture shortage, you will eventually suffer from dry eyes. Your eyes can produce less or no more tears, so your eyes can not be sufficiently moistened. This in turn causes you to see worse and are more prone to infection. Dry eyes do not only feel annoying, but they are also dangerous because moist eyes ensure that bacteria and other harmful substances are removed as much as possible and penetrate much less quickly. Water also has a cleansing, protective function. The same applies to your mouth. This also becomes dry and stiff due to a lack of moisture and is more sensitive to infection. There are many minerals in the water from a water dispenser in Geelong.

Eyes dropped

Your eyelids consist of a considerable part of water. The moment you drink too little, the amount of fluid in the skin around your eyes will decrease. Your skin becomes more compact, dry and less elastic, so you get sunken eyes. The blood vessels in your skin are also more visible with a moisture deficit, which further strengthens the effect of sunken eyes.

Do not sweat

Water allows your body to sweat. This is a very important physical function because dissolving perspiration ensures that your body temperature remains constant. This is the reason why drinking too little water in severe cases can lead to fever. So, drink lots of water from your water dispenser Geelong.

Concentration problems & drowsiness

Your brain consists of 70 to 80% water. So a fluid deficiency quickly has a negative effect on your brain, allowing you to experience concentration problems. You feel drowsy, have trouble keeping track of your thoughts, and thinking suddenly seems to cost a lot more energy. Try to drink 2 litres of water from the water dispenser in Geelong.


Drinking too little is one of the most common causes of headaches. Because your brains consist for the most part of water, only a limited moisture deficiency can quickly result in headaches. As soon as your brain 'shrink' somewhat due to the lack of water, your brain moves away from your skull. This can trigger the pain receptors in the brain membrane. So drink a few glasses of water before you take a painkiller if your headache feels like coming up. Use the hot water tap for all your hot water drinks from the water dispenser in Geelong. As soon as your body has enough water at your disposal, your brain cells will switch off and your headache will disappear with a little luck. Anti-Colds and drinking water

Constipation and abdominal pain due to insufficient drinking

Your gastrointestinal tract uses a lot of water to process the food you eat. At the moment that food passes through the intestines, your colon uses water to form feces. If there is insufficient water available and you have a lack of fluid, you can quickly suffer from constipation or intestinal obstruction. This in turn can cause hemorrhoids and anal haemorrhages. Water is therefore crucial for the body to be able to discharge waste through the digestive tract. The moment your body becomes dehydrated, all the water will be extracted from your intestines and your stools will become dry and hard. This makes going to the toilet difficult.

Increased blood sugar levels

Your body needs water to break down sugar. So it is extra important to drink enough if you have diabetes.
Increased blood pressure, lowered blood pressure and accelerated heartbeat

The moment you lack fluid and drink too little, your blood will become thicker and less fluid. This means that more strength is needed to circulate your blood through your body. This may result in increased blood pressure and accelerated heartbeat.

You can also suffer from reduced blood pressure during dehydration. If you lose fluid, the amount of blood plasma and electrolytes in your body also decreases. Filtered water made from your own tap with a water dispenser Geelong. This has an effect on your cardiovascular functions and can cause reduced blood pressure because your body simply does not have enough substances to function properly.

Severe symptoms acute moisture shortage & dehydration. What does drinking water really does for your skin?

Water ensures that oxygen can be transported through your body. Without sufficient water, the blood supply to your tissues will decrease. This results in a very dangerous situation with many potential symptoms and consequences.

Should there be an acute shortage of fluid or severe dehydration for a longer, consecutive period of time, the following complaints may manifest themselves. In this case, always consult a doctor as soon as possible!

  •     Low blood pressure
  •     Increased heart rate
  •     Fever (do not sweat)
  •     Concentration problems
  •     Consciousness loss
  •     Diarrhea
  •     Throwing up
  •     Inability to keep moisture inside

Years of too little water

Where the symptoms of acute dehydration are intense and clearly noticeable, the consequences of systematic inadequate drinking are certainly not always clear. Years of drinking too little also have a huge effect on your body. There is a risk that you will not immediately notice the milder symptoms or will be able to link them to drinking too little water. This makes it all the more dangerous. Drink clean water from a water dispenser in Geelong.
Long-term consequences: what happens to your body if you drink too little?

Possible consequences of systematically drinking too little are:
Delayed metabolism

Water is essential for the disposal of waste and the optimal performance of all bodily functions. Drinking insufficient water thus ensures that your body is unable to perform its vital tasks optimally and is inadequate. This means, among other things, that your metabolism can slow down due to a chronic fluid deficiency. Not enough drinking is therefore fatal if you want to achieve or maintain a healthy weight! Read more about losing weight and drinking water here.
More hunger/food

In the case of mild dehydration symptoms, your body can easily confuse thirst and hunger. The consequence of drinking too little can be that you eat more than necessary. A simple way to counter this is to drink a large glass of water when you start to draw. Do you still feel hungry after 20 minutes? Then you can take a snack.
Drinking too little & losing weight

Drinking water causes your stomach to expand. This will send a signal to your brain that you are full, so you will experience less hunger. In addition, drinking water can promote your metabolism. It can even provide extra calorie burning. If you drink cold water, your body has to compensate for this temperature by burning energy (calories) in order to maintain the body temperature.

Drinking too little is therefore counter-productive, while sufficient drinking can actually promote if you want to lose weight.
Increase weight by holding on to moisture

Strange but true. If you drink too little, your body will try to retain moisture. This is because your body realizes that there is clearly a shortage. The retention of moisture can ensure that you arrive in weight, even several kilos!
More often sick

Water ensures that your nose, ears, eyes and throat are able to protect themselves against bacteria, viruses and other harmful substances. Due to a lack of fluid, this body's own process is disrupted and you can get sick more quickly and more often. Nice and clean water after filtration from a water dispenser in Geelong.
Skin problems

Sufficiently hydrated skin looks healthier and cooler and feels nicer. Water goes against small lines and wrinkles because it provides your skin cells with moisture and makes the cells nicely full. If you do not drink enough, this has a negative effect on the collagen in the skin. This is a type of protein that is crucial for strong, beautiful skin. Problems with collagen are therefore linked to the development of wrinkles. Water also ensures that irregularities in the skin are easier to clean up. Sufficient drinking also stimulates blood circulation, making you look healthy and rested.

Grasp the sheet at the top of your hand between thumb and forefinger and squeeze the light together. Then release the sheet and see if it goes directly back to its original location. Well-hydrated skin usually returns immediately to its original state and does not stay upright.

Other problems due to insufficient drinking

In rare, serious cases, insufficient drinking water can lead to:

  •     Kidney stones
  •     Kidney failure
  •     Hypovolemic shock (too little circulating blood volume)
  •     Erection problems
  •     Shock (pressure in the blood vessels is too low)
  •     Coma

Conclusion: drinking too little = is disastrous for your body

In short, your body needs water for almost all important functions. You will therefore immediately notice the effect of insufficient drinking. However, the consequences in the long term can be even more far-reaching. Make sure you do not get used to the less serious symptoms of drinking too little and make sure you take a glass of water with you regularly. Sufficient drinking is crucial and forms the basis of a healthy lifestyle. Keep in mind that your body may even get used to a thirsty feeling and you will hardly notice this in the long run! In children, the 'thirst sign' is also still under development. It is therefore extra important for children to pay attention to fluid intake.

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