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Drink enough water and why that is so important

The importance of water is often associated with fat burning. Water with minerals is better than just tap water. But in addition to an important role in the burning of fat, it also has other important functions. Thus, moisture is used in every metabolic process in the body. An example of this is the synthesis of protein. During this process, also known as protein synthesis, the body uses the proteins, which are subsequently broken down into individual amino acids, which in turn are transported to the muscles and cells where they can be used to promote muscle growth. In this article, we look at the importance of H2O in the human body.

Fat Burning

As mentioned in the opening of this article, water plays an important role in fat burning. If the body does not have sufficient access to fluid, this is at the expense of the functioning of a number of organs. This way the kidneys can not work properly and the liver will take over that role in part. After all, the liver has an important role in fat burning, in the metabolic process. If the liver has to help out to assist the kidneys, it can burn less fat. Another example of how fluid and fluid can contribute to fat burning has nothing to do with the functioning of the organs. But when you drink water before a meal you get a feeling of satisfaction. This prevents you from eating more than your body needs. Here it is actually incorrect to report that water contributes to fat burning, but it can help with weight loss or stay in weight. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations.


Another important role of sufficient fluid in the human body is the role in digestion. When your calorie intake is high, your organs are more active than when your caloric intake is lower. This means they need more moisture to function properly. That is why sufficient water is extremely important for good digestion.


Water plays an important role when you use supplements such as creatine, protein or multi-vitamin. When using creatine, the muscle cells absorb more fluid. As a result, the muscles often immediately look bigger. If you use other supplements, they are often dissolved in water and the absorption is often better with sufficient moisture. Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit? Try to drink enough before you get thirsty. Getting thirst is a signal that your body has a shortage of fluid and the body can start to function less well.


It needs no explanation that water will also leave the body. This happens largely through the pores, when you sweat or through the urine. The fluid that leaves the body also contains toxins and other waste that you do not need. It also ensures that too many specific substances leave the body. If you have a multi-vitamin with too high a dose, a large part of this multi-vitamin will leave the body via your urine.

Water retention

Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. Another feature of fluid in the body comes into the picture when you get a higher salt intake. Because you take in more salt, the body will react and retain more moisture. To prevent this, you can limit your salt intake, but you can also increase your water intake. The salt will then leave the body through urine and pores so that you retain less fluid. This is a phenomenon that is not desirable for athletes who want to stand on stage with their bodies, such as bodybuilders and fitness models.

How much should you drink?

Above you have read the benefits of sufficient H2O. This does not mean that you can absorb a lot of moisture. There is a possible abundance of everything, including water. A situation that can arise as a result is water poisoning. This phenomenon occurs when you absorb too much fluid and too few electrolytes. An excess of water can lead to epileptic seizures, dizziness, swelling, nausea, vomiting and cases are known to lead to death. For example, in 2005 a student almost died because he drank too much water. This was part of his hazing within a student association. So how much water should you drink? A donkey bridge is 0.05 litres per dry body weight. If you keep this rule, your fluid intake increases when you grow in body weight and it decreases if your weight decreases.


The importance of sufficient water in the body is clear. It is what a large part of the human cells are made of. Furthermore, it is a means of transport in our body that ensures that all important nutrients are transported to the cells in the body. In addition, water transports all waste from the body, via the urine, pores or via lungs. It also regulates the temperature

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Healthy Alkaline drinking water from the water dispenser Doonan

The annual World Water Day, which the United Nations is calling for, is all about "water and climate protection". This year's motto is intended to illustrate the connection between water, nature and climate change.

World Water Day was launched to draw human attention to the importance of the element water as the basis of life.

The aim of World Water Day is to pay more attention to the globally important topic of water. World Water Day offers the opportunity to learn more about water-related topics, to be inspired, tell others about it and take measures to make a long-term impact in this sector.

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