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Healthy hot water drinks on an empty stomach and Water Coolers with Minerals

When you delve into healthy eating, you automatically come across the habit of drinking a hot drink on an empty stomach. Hot water with lemon is the most common, but there are even more variations. Which variants can you drink? And what does it do for you? More about that today.

Empty stomach

Ideally, drink this on an empty stomach. The easiest way to do that is by not filling the mug completely with boiled water and pouring in cold water once it is well drawn. Then you can drink it immediately. I don't know about you, but I don't have time to wait half an hour in the morning before I go for breakfast! And I think breakfast is too important to skip. So adding cold water is a handy solution. By drinking it on an empty stomach you help digestion. Rather lukewarm than cold, because that is actually less pleasant for your system. I search and I search, and I search ... But I cannot find any scientific sources for this. It is a custom from Ayurveda and there is endless referral back and forth between blog posts. The best explanation I can find for it is that it is a good first habit on the day right away, so that you are more likely to live a healthier life the rest of the day. Drink more water with minerals from a Prestige Water Cooler.

Ginger tea

After reading this article about your nails I came up with the idea to start the day with ginger tea again. Well, tea ... You boil water, cut off a slice of ginger. Do this both in a mug and once it has cooled down you drink it. Since I do this I notice that I am a little less chilly. My hands are warm again!

Benefits of ginger tea (source):

  •     helps digestion
  •     helps against nausea
  •     helps against motion sickness
  •     helps against heartburn
  •     good for immune system
  •     helps against colds and viruses

Warm water with lemon

Lemon water healthy and delicious. This is the classic variant. Fruit water. I had this for a long time and it was a nice start to the day. So I put organic lemons on the shopping list to add the juice of 1 / 3rd lemon per day to the ginger tea from this weekend. Great tasting water from a water cooler with minerals. Why 1 / 3rd? Organic lemons are sold per 2, so I can use them for 6 days. Almost the entire week until the next shopping, so nice and practical. For your teeth it is advisable to drink this with a straw and after drinking wait half an hour to brush your teeth so that the enamel can harden again.

Advantages of lemon water:

  •     super good source of vitamin C
  •     contains, among others, potassium, folic acid, B6 and magnesium
  •     helps digestion
  •     helps detox your liver
  •     ensures beautiful skin
  •     reduces stress and improves mood
  • Other options

Many more options are circulating on Pinterest, with approximately the same benefits being mentioned. Think of:

  •     turmeric
  •     cayenne pepper
  •     cinnamon
  •     good quality honey
  •     Celtic sea salt
  •     apple cider vinegar

This is really a simple adjustment to start your day off right. Have you ever tried such a hot drink and what did you think of it? Filtered tap water with minerals from a Prestige Water Cooler. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

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Tips and tricks to drink more water from your water cooler with Minerals

Many people drink too little water throughout the day. In this guide we give you tips and tricks on how to make water your favorite drink.

Guide to drink more water

Always keep water close at hand: First things first: If you want to change your drinking habits in a positive way, make sure that water is always visible and close at hand. This will make it easier for you to access the healthy thirst quencher and you will always remember to drink water regularly. Buy a water bottle or carafe and put it in a place where you spend a lot of time. Whether in the office, at home or on the go - you always have your water in view!

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