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Spoil yourself or your staff every day with great-tasting drinking water from Prestige Water. Prestige Water Southport can offer you water coolers for your Home or Office including a 7-stage filter bottle. You will never have to pay for your drinking water again. Simply fill the top compartment of our filtration bottle with your own tap water and the 7-stage filter cartridge will remove the chemicals such as chlorine, heavy metals and others. Also, important minerals are added to the water as well. So, never run out of drinking water and never pay for it again.

Prepared for the heat: drink enough filtered tap water from the water coolers in Southport

This week is the tropical weather in Queensland. Our advice: drink enough filtered tap water from the water coolers in Southport, take it with you on the road and use it consciously! That is healthy and sustainable. How many litres of water should you drink.

On hot days, the body loses more fluid than usual. It is therefore important to drink enough tap water during the heat to prevent dehydration. These are the consequences of drinking too little water. Drinking water regulates body temperature, ensures a good moisture balance and provides energy, so drink plenty of water from the water coolers in Southport. Healthy drinks instead of water.

Drinking water for the road

Fill a bottle or water bottle with tap water at home and take it with you when you go out. So you always have water on the road. Very nice for traffic jams or if public transport is delayed. If you are in the vicinity of a public tap water tap, you can of course always top up a bottle there.

Tap water recipes

To make the tap water taste even better, we have compiled four tap water recipes. In addition to tap water, the only thing you need is a water carafe and some fruit and/or vegetables. Try all four!

Conscious use of our drinking water, drink from the water coolers Southport

It is important to use drinking water consciously every day, but certainly during warmer periods. With sustained heat, the use of drinking water increases considerably. The pumps at the drinking water locations run at full speed in hot weather, but due to the high decrease by households and companies, the water pressure in your home may be slightly reduced.

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Benchtop Water Coolers Southport
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Drink 10 benefits of water with lemon and water from the water coolers in Southport

Nowadays more and more people put a slice of lemon in their drink: in the cola, in the iced tea, or just in water, sometimes accompanied by some sprigs of mint. Lemon is not only very refreshing, but drinking water with lemon also seems to have a number of health benefits. Because lemon contains not only vitamin C and vitamin A, but also calcium and other healthy nutrients. How many litres of water should you drink. Drink plenty of water from the water coolers in Southport.

1. Good for the joints

Joint pain can be somewhat relieved by drinking lemon water. Experts say it helps reduce pain and inflammation in the joints and knees by resolving acids. But of course, it is important to go to the doctor for persistent and chronic pain. Lemon water is a handy remedy for the meantime.

2. Good for the immune system

Do you feel a cold or flu coming up or do you want to prevent such a virus? Then drink a glass of lemon water every day. Healthy drink water made from your own tap from the water coolers Southport. Soft drinks, up to 7 cubes of sugar. The vitamin C in the lemon is essential to make our immune system strong.

3. Good for the stomach and intestines

If you feel nauseous or if your stomach is upset, then lemon water can be a real solution. Fresh lemon water in the morning can reduce and prevent bloating, intestinal gasses and stomach acid and it also stimulates better digestion in general. Healthy drinks instead of water.

4. Good for the skin

Lemon water helps to remove waste from our bodies. This makes the skin fresher and cleaner. And vitamin C is needed for the production of collagen, which gives us softer, healthy skin. So drinking lemon water every day from the water coolers in Southport and thorough facial cleansing can make you look younger for years.

5. Good for the liver

We don't often think about the health of our liver, but it is an important organ. Lemon water is good for increasing liver function and it also helps to remove waste from the liver.

6. By morning breath

Nobody smells fresh from the mouth in the morning. Of course, it is important to brush your teeth well, but a glass of lemon water will attack the mouth bacteria that cause that stale morning breath.

7. Good for blood pressure

People with high blood pressure can benefit from a glass of lemon water every day. Lemon water keeps the veins soft and flexible and because it reduces unevenness in the veins, the pressure on the veins is somewhat reduced, resulting in lower blood pressure. Great tasting water from the water coolers in Southport. But if you repeatedly have high blood pressure, it is wise to go to the doctor.

8. Good for the eyes

Of course, we do not immediately see better by drinking lemon water, but the vitamin C in the water can prevent cataracts and other degenerations of the eyes. There are so many minerals in the water from the water coolers in Southport.

9. Good for the mood

Drinking lemon water gives us more energy and makes us feel better. When the negatively charged ions in lemon enter our digestive system, energy levels are increased. So lemon water in the morning is a perfect replacement for that cup of coffee. Use the hot water tap from the water coolers in Southport.

10. Against kidney stones

People who have a higher risk of kidney stones should drink a lot. But by drinking lemon water, kidney stones can be prevented or pain caused by kidney stones can be reduced. The citrate in the water helps prevent the formation of kidney stones. Lose weight by drinking water.

Healthy and great tasting filtered alkaline benchtop and floor standing water coolers Southport with Filter Bottle

Every cell needs sufficient fluid for its renewal. Of course, this also applies to the epidermis. If you neglect to drink water, the skin cells visibly collapse and lose any elasticity. Sufficient drinking cushions the tissue and gives a healthy, vital face. Another incentive to drink plenty of water is its ability as a fat burner. If you want to lose weight and are on a diet, you should consider two factors. Firstly, the amount of water that the body lacks due to the reduced food intake must be compensated for, and secondly, sporting activities make the cells even thirstier. Of course, the estimated guide value of 1.5 to 3 litres per day is influenced by individual factors.

The Nutrition Society recommends consuming 35 millilitres of water per kilogram of body weight.

A person weighing 70 kilograms would therefore have to consume 2.45 litres. Water fills the stomach and stimulates digestion. One should drink a glass before every meal as part of a diet. The feeling of hunger is effectively reduced and the intestines start working immediately. So the body is ready to filter out important nutrients and quickly remove pollutants.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?