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Having great tasting drinking water at one's disposal is no longer a perk reserved only for offices. Drinking healthy water without all the chemicals you find in tap water is now a must have appliance in many homes and businesses.

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Spoil yourself every day with great tasting drinking water from a water cooler system from Prestige Water. We use your own water from the tap, filter it with our 7-stage filter, and convert it into healthy drinking water without chlorine and other chemicals. The 7-stage filter will make the water more alkaline and also add some very important minerals back to the water as well. We can offer you several models to choose from. Great tasting water from the Water Coolers Nerang. Please visit our home page to find out all about our products and filtered water coolers Nerang. We are your partner in water filtration. More and more people are aware that drinking tap water is not a healthy option. Just open the tap and you can smell the chlorine. Tap water doesn't contain only chlorine, there are also other chemicals present. By using the Prestige Water filter system you remove most chemicals and minerals are added back at the same time. By owing a water cooler Nerang you can provide drinking water for your whole family or staff.

How important is drinking water?

Why drinking water will help with Greater Health

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Great tasting water from the water coolers Nerang

Drink plenty of clean water. For more than a year I start every morning with a glass of lukewarm lemon water on an empty stomach. This has now become a fixed morning ritual. I would like to share with you the effects of such a glass of water and what I have heard of it myself.

Why lemon water?

After 7 to 8 hours without water (sleep) your body needs moisture. Then it is very good to start with lemon water. Why? Below I list a number of reasons for you.
  • The warm water carries away toxins, while the vitamin C in the lemon renews the cells. This cleansing effect is not only limited to the inside of your body, it also gives your skin a boost.
  • Drinking lemon water supports your digestive system in various ways: it helps the liver to remove toxins and it cleanses the intestines. In addition, it enhances the production of stomach acid and bile; which makes your food digest a little faster.
  • It gives your immune system a boost. Vitamin C is an antioxidant and has anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It helps, among other things, against a sore throat, a cold and the flu.
  • Although a lemon tastes very acidic, it leaves alkaline residues in our body after burning in the body. This makes a lemon an acidifying food. Our body functions best at an acidity (pH) of 7.4. Unfortunately, acidifying nutrients such as coffee, sugar and soft drinks make the acidity of our body too high. You can read the consequences of this in my blog about the body scan that I had: "Body scan: help, I am soured". but first read this text further.
  • It is a tonic with antioxidants and vitamins. Lemons fall into the super food category. They are full of vitamin C, vitamin B, citric acid, lime, copper, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, antioxidants (flavonoids) and fiber.
  • It activates thermogenesis or heat production; so you burn fat faster.

In summary, it gives your metabolism a kick-start and boosts combustion.

The recipe:

Fill a highball glass with the juice of a 1/2 lemon, some cinnamon, a little ginger and a little honey. I supplement that with lukewarm water. I have to admit that I first had to get used to it, but it has now become a habit.

Why ginger?

Together with ginger, lemon has a blood pressure lowering effect. In addition, ginger is an anti-inflammatory, it stimulates digestion, lowers cholesterol, it relaxes the body. Healthy drink water from the water coolers nerang. Drink more water in hot weather. Ginger also speeds up your metabolism and is therefore, together with lemon, a great fat burner.

Why cinnamon?

Cinnamon regulates digestion and the production of insulin. It reduces appetite and improves the absorption of essential substances from food. Drinking water prevents muscle pain.

And why honey?

Water, lemon and honey are the best way to clean your urinary tract. The acids in lemon and the antibacterial properties of lemon and honey help against bad breath. Honey is also full of vitamins and minerals. There are so many minerals in the water from the water coolers Nerang.

Cinnamon, ginger and lemon are anti-inflammatory foods.

Tip 1: wait 15 minutes before you continue eating and drinking
Tip 2: you only drink a small concentration of citric acid, but if you are afraid of your tooth enamel drink the water through a (glass) straw.
My findings after more than a year of lemon water in the morning:

I am told that lemon water raises the incineration. I almost always had cold hands and feet; especially when I was sitting still. I now almost always have warm hands and feet and even when I'm sitting still I don't get cold that easily. The external heating does not have to go up so quickly; the internal heating is clearly on. Great tasting water after filtration from the water coolers Nerang.
Where everyone around me has had the flu in recent weeks (it is now the beginning of March as I write this); I have had no problems with anything. No coughing, coughing, sputtering. I have also not had a cold in the past year.

Will it really come through the lemon water? It appears so.

Benchtop and Floor Standing Water Coolers Nerang with Filtration 

Remember the reasons

There are several good reasons to drink more. If the body's fluid requirement is not met, one becomes unable to concentrate, becomes tired and is more prone to mood swings. The likelihood of bad breath also increases. Those who regularly drink enough not only do something good for their metabolism, the immune system and the skin also benefit from a long-term supply of fluids. The active metabolism and increased satiety also make it easier to lose weight. By drinking enough, you can positively influence numerous health problems in the simplest possible way. Whatever motivates you, regularly remind yourself of the reasons. The right motivation simplifies your project.

Drink tea

Tea is also a good change to drink more.

If water is too boring for you in the long run, you can also bring pep into your everyday water life with tea varieties. Tea or homemade iced tea is well suited to help you get your drinking amount. In order to keep drinking healthy, you should prefer unsweetened tea.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?