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Do you know how and when to drink water

Tips to drink more water. It is always said that drinking water is important because it provides a lot of benefits to your health, but do you know how and when you do it right? It's important to know how and when you drink water because the way it determines whether it's promoting or harmful to your body.

For breakfast, absolutely necessary

Drinking one or two glasses of water for breakfast helps to cleanse toxic substances that are left in the digestive system. It also activates the organs so that they begin to work. Do this for 20 minutes for your breakfast. It's a lot healthier than the day with coffee to start for example. If you also drink hot or hot or even add half the lemon juice, activate your intestines. Therefore, it is an excellent and simple remedy for combating constipation. It is also highly recommended to do this when you wake up in the morning and notice that you hold moisture. If your face or eyelids are swollen, it also causes your kidneys to work.

Hungry or thirsty?

Did you know that often when you think you're hungry, you're just thirsty? Sometimes we do not know how to interpret the signals that our bodies send us, and this is important when trying to keep your weight balanced. That's why we recommend one simple thing: drink a glass of water every time you're hungry. If you still have hungry after a few minutes, you can eat something. You will be surprised that your hunger often disappears.

Half an hour for meals to eat less

If you drink a glass of water half an hour before your meal, you not only prevent yourself from having a thirst during the meal, but it also saturates a bit, preventing you from eating too much.

Do not drink too much while eating

It is important to drink during the day. You only need to avoid drinking during meals because it mixes with the gastric juices, which may worsen digestion. It can also make children less hungry. If you eat a salty or spicy meal, you can drink a little. It is therefore useful to add fresh foods, such as salads and vegetable soups to your meals. Reduce the use of salt, finish the meal with a digestive infusion and drink before eating.

A glass before going to bed

You started the day by drinking and you should end the day with a glass of hot water. This allows the body to rest. Drinking an infusion made from medicinal plants is also a good idea. Save this advice if you have a lot of urination during the night if you suffer from incontinence or to small children.

Do not drink large quantities at once

When we recommend to drink during the day, we mean small slacks from time to time, not big ones. This is especially advisable when it is hot, when you are exercising etc. Having a full glass of water all the time.

Cold, hot or hot water?

Even in the desert people drink hot tea, as this causes them to sweat and this refreshes them. Therefore, you should always drink hot or hot water. Never ask for cold water because it may interfere with the digestive system. This can change the natural hot temperature required for digestion.

How much should I drink?

Actually I should drink more water. One and a half liters? Two liters? We can not answer you clearly until you learn to listen to your own body. You do not need the same amount of summer you need in winter and a child does not need the same amount as an adult. This also applies to someone who sweats quickly versus someone who does not eat vegetarians versus someone who eats a lot of animal protein etc. At the beginning it is difficult to drink water constantly, but as soon as you start, you will notice that your body asks To the amount it needs.

If it's hard ...

It is difficult for many people to drink water. One very easy trick is to add a little natural lemon juice and a few drops of purified stevia. Fruit water. This simple detail gives your water a delicious lemon flavor without adding calories or other substances. Another option is to add a drop of citrus essential oil (orange, lemon, grapefruit, mandarin), which is great for drinking. Infusions are also a good alternative to alternate with plain water.

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