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Do I drink not enough water? Do the test.

Every person needs moisture. When there is dehydration this will seriously impede the functioning and health problems will occur. The first organs that suffer from a lack of fluid are the kidneys. The kidneys need moisture to properly transport the waste that ends up in the body through the urine. Naturally, moisture is required for the production of urine. Why you must drink water when get up in the morning.

One and a half to two liters per day

An adult needs one and a half liters of fluid per day. In addition, everything is included, so it is not just about water. Coffee, tea, milk and fruit juices also count towards the daily recommended amount. In addition, the body receives extra moisture that is processed in meals. A cup of soup also contains moisture, as well as vegetables, meat and dairy products. It is therefore certainly a fable that every adult should drink two liters (tap) of water per day. Some people do this when they follow a diet, especially drinking hot water or tea can suppress the hunger.

How do I know that I drink too little?

The body indicates in different ways that there is a shortage of moisture. The most important of these is logical: You are thirsty. But there are more signs that you may notice that someone has a shortage of fluid:

  •     Headache
  •     Light in the head, dizziness
  •     Dark, strong smelling urine
  •     Less urine than normal
  •     A dry mouth
  •     Concentration problems, irritability

In case of dehydration, the symptoms are more serious than intervention is immediately necessary.

Dehydration can be directly life-threatening

In severe dehydration, symptoms occur that are alarming and require immediate action. Someone who is dehydrated is often extremely dizzy, talks confused and also has various physical complaints such as cramps in the arms and legs, unable to urinate, nausea and vomiting and sunken eyes. In addition, problems can occur as cardiac arrhythmias and low blood pressure. This kind of phenomena sometimes occur when someone makes great efforts without drinking enough. Think of working in the open air at extremely high temperatures or delivering strenuous sport performances. Everyone will remember the images of the marathon runner during the Olympic Games, who wanted to make it to the finish at any price and staggered and completely disoriented on the track. There was clearly a serious situation here.

Ensure proper moisture balance

You can easily prevent a shortage of fluid. What does water for your skin. The body indicates that if it has a deficiency of 1 to 2 percent of body fluids it needs supplementing: You will then get thirsty. Go outside during a hot day, make sure that you have drunk enough beforehand and bring enough water or other drinks so that you can drink enough during the day to prevent dehydration. Why drinking water is good for your hair.

How does the body lose fluid?

You not only lose fluid through urine, although it is the largest amount with about 1400 milliliters per day. But in addition, you also lose fluid through your feces, about 100 milliliters and by perspiring another 550 milliliters. And then there is a fourth way in which the body loses fluid, namely about 500 milliliters because we simply exhale. All this moisture must also be replenished. Therefore it is recommended to drink one and a half to two liters per day. In addition, you get moisture through nutrition and through what the body itself secretes.

Differences between men and women

The body of an adult woman consists of an average of 52 percent of fluid, that of an adult man for about 63 percent. That a woman's body contains less fluid is because women usually have more adipose tissue than men, and adipose tissue does not contain any fluid. The body of young babies even consists of 70% moisture. With very young children, you can also determine dehydration among others on a fallen fontanel.

Drink enough for a healthy body

The conclusion can therefore be drawn that you have to drink enough to keep your body in good condition. Pay particular attention to what you drink. Soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. Fruit juices contain a high acidity, which can affect the enamel of your teeth. Water, coffee and tea without sugar are the best drinks and are also recommended for healthy food. You can basically drink unlimited, although drinking too much water can also have a negative effect on your health, but then you have to drink a lot more water than the recommended amount of two liters of fluid per day.

TEST: I drink enough water

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Do you want to test if you drink enough water? You can do that on the basis of some nice apps. These give you a signal at regular intervals during the day that you have to drink water.

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