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TIP: 30 day water drinking challenge

During the 30 day water challenge, you challenge yourself to drink water only for 30 days. No coke, no fruit juices, no coffee, no beer. Only water. Do you dare this challenge?

What is the 30 day water challenge?

Water is incredibly good for your body. It helps you with weight loss and detoxification. It also ensures that it can give you more energy. We usually drink too little water and instead opt for unhealthy drinks instead. We also often do not notice that we are thirsty and think that we have a nice appetite. As a result, we snack much more. The rules of the challenge are easy; drink water for thirty days. At least a liter and a half. Do not drink anything else.
water challenge. Why just water? During the 30 day water challenge you will start cleaning your body. Water acts as a natural detox and you will certainly notice this. Sugar, caffeine and alcohol do the body a lot of damage and that is why we do not drink anything for thirty days. Unnoticed, we get much more calories and mess than we have in the holes. Drinking water is good for the line, but also for the skin.

Drink all day

Drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day (more is allowed too) and distribute this throughout the day. What kind of water to drink. Always drink something for every meal. To ensure that you drink enough, you can fill a drinking bottle with water and always have it with you. You can then regularly take a new drink.

Do you suffer from headaches or fatigue?

When you normally ingest a lot of sugar or caffeine, there is a chance that you will experience headaches or fatigue during the 30 day water challenge. This has to do with the fact that both sugar and caffeine have an addictive effect. Sugar and caffeine also give you more energy and when your body is used to this source of energy, you may suffer from headaches or fatigue. You really have to go through this. If this does not work, just drink one cup of coffee or one glass with sugar. Try to prevent this. What you can do before you start with the challenge is to finish with caffeine or coffee use. This way you will suffer less from side effects.

Can you really drink anything else?

No, you can not drink anything other than water during the 30 day challenge. Possibly you can give your water a taste, for example with lemon juice or mint. Try to limit yourself to just water. So no coffee, no fruit juices, no alcohol and no soft drinks. Herbal tea is allowed, but then choose really for tea without caffeine. Tips to drink more water.

What do you see after 30 days?

After thirty days you will notice that your body has become tighter. Especially when you normally get a lot of sugar, this difference is clearly visible. Skin problems such as pimples will also be a lot less. Your skin and drinking water. You will also notice that you have more energy, although this may take some time until you notice it. If you also eat healthy and exercise a lot, the chances are good that you have lost kilos and inches. About Prestige Water.

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