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Is drinking alkaline water healthy for babies

Truth about drinking water. Are you also a new mother and a health lover? Have you heard of the goodness of alkaline water and are you planning to introduce it to your dear baby? Well, if you can relate to the above situations, reading this message is a good idea! From fad diets to dietary supplements, there are many new 'health claims' that surpass the popularity cards every day, and alkaline water is just one of them. So what exactly is alkaline water and is alkaline water safe for babies? We have answered that and much more in this article. Go ahead and give this message a read to find out.

What is alkaline water?

Ionized water or alkaline water refers to water with a pH value of more than 7. You can prepare alkaline water with a water-based water-based unit. The method is becoming increasingly popular nowadays. According to general use, drinking alkaline water helps to keep the pH levels of the body in balance. The increasing consumption of processed food tends to create an acidic pH in the body and alkaline water can help to neutralize the acidity, bringing the pH back to normal.

What are the health benefits of drinking alkaline water?

There are many benefits associated with the consumption of alkaline water, some of which include:

  •     It reduces the risk of diseases related to cellular and bone destruction, such as osteoporosis, arthritis, etc.
  •     It reduces the risk of kidney disorders.
  •     It improves blood flow by regulating the pH levels in the body.
  •     Alkaline water provides better hydration than normal water.
  •     It also helps protect the hair and skin from dehydration.

What's more, alkaline water is also a repository of antioxidants that the body absorbs fairly easily to eliminate the free radicals. Free radicals can cause premature aging and cancer. Can you go to the toilet faster if you drink lukewarm water. Why do I have to pee so often. The use of alkaline water can help to reduce these risks. Alkaline water can also inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the body and thereby reduce the risk of infection and inflammation. Medical research has yet to prove the above health benefits of drinking alkaline water. Therefore it is necessary to consult your doctor before using it.

Is alkaline water safe for babies?

Alkaline water can provide many health benefits for you. But is it safe for your baby too? Let us know:

  •     Be sure to consult a pediatrician before giving your little one alkaline water. Also avoid giving your baby alkaline water 30-45 minutes before and after the meal.
  •     Avoid using alkaline water to mix baby food or other baby food and stick to normal tap (and filtered) water for these purposes.
  •     If your baby is taking medication, make sure that you do not give alkaline water for your baby to prevent possible interactions.
  •     In general, it is best not to give alkaline water to your baby, because scientific research still has to confirm which health benefits it offers. Remember that mother's milk is the best food for babies up to six months old, and it is best to start introducing whole foods that are natural and unprocessed after it has crossed this important milestone.
  •     You can get the best advice from a caregiver before giving your baby something new, especially if he is too young.

Now you know everything about alkaline water for babies. Why wait? Go ahead and enlighten other mothers! Have you tried to drink alkaline water? Have you given it to your little one too? How did it benefit you both? Share your experience and advice with us here. Water Cooler with or without filtration.

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