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5 Tips how your children can drink more water

We all know, however, that it is better not to give your children all the day packages or cups of juice, limo and dairy drink but to let water drink. Especially because they get much too much sugar. Did you know, for example, that there are 5 sugar cubes on average in 1 pack of juice? And that an average Australian five-year-old child annually eats his or her own weight in sugar *. And one of the main causes is drinking the packets. But how do you ensure that your children drink better water? I give you 5 tips.

A cool cup is half the work

Have your child choose a cup, bottle or drinking bottle that she or he really likes. Bottled water, tap water or filtered water. For the toddlers it may be a cup with a Disney figure, but for the older children the metal variants are hip. They know very well what is or is not cool. Invest in good quality that does not leak and really goes along.

Slowly reduce

Is water drinking really not yet in the system? From now on, stop with the packages and start with the drinking cups / bottles that you fill at least half with water and the other half with juice or limo. And finish this by diluting more and more.

Choose as little sugar as possible

Make a better choice from the juice or lemonade offer. Keep it as natural as possible with as little sugar, sweeteners or other unnecessary additives as possible. Cold water drinking. Tip: fruit water is made and very tasty! How? Simply, with fresh fruit for example.

Explain why

Do not forget to explain to your children WHY it is important to drink more water and less sweet drinks. We often skip this step as parents or we keep it 'you do not get juice but water that is healthier'. Explain what it does for them and why you think it's important.

A juice is for occasionally

Drink more water in hot weather. Make an exception now and then. This teaches your child: you drink water enough because your body needs it and to quench your thirst, a 'taste' you drink occasionally for the delicious. And that is allowed.

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