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TIP: This is what happens to your body if you drink too little water

What does drinking 2 liters of water a day with your body. We all know in the meantime that it is incredibly important to get enough fluid in one day. Especially when the temperatures are outside, it is essential to drink enough, because if you do not, you can get a lot of health problems. What exactly can happen to your body if you do not drink enough? We have put the nasty consequences for you in a row.

1. You get a headache
One of the first things that often happens when you do not get one and a half to two liters of water a day is that you suffer from headaches. This is because especially your brain can not cope well with dehydration. Your brain consists of 75 percent water. When you become dehydrated, your brain has a shortage of water and you can get a headache. 5 Reasons why drinking water is good for your heart, brain and metabolism.
The headache is caused by the blood vessels in your brain expand as much as possible to use the moisture that has remained behind. This causes the blood vessels to press against the brain membrane, causing you to get a headache. This changes again as soon as you drink water.

2. You become dizzy
If you drink too little and your brain does not get enough fluid, you may also experience dizziness. You will mainly suffer from this if you regularly drink too little. This is because too little oxygen can reach your brain. Drinking water will cause this dizziness to go away again.

3. You get a bladder infection
If you drink enough water in a day, so between one and a half and two liters per day, the chances are small that you have a bladder infection. That is because you will regularly have to visit the toilet, where any bacteria present will be washed away when urinating. If you do not drink enough, you will have to go to the bathroom less often and it is more likely that bacteria will reach your urethra. This can give you bladder inflammation.

4. You get dry skin
Too little drinking can also ensure that you get dry skin. Your skin cells need moisture to function properly. When you drink too little in a day, your skin cells shrink and you get drier skin.

5. Your heart rate will be faster
Your heart rate is also influenced by how much you drink in a day. By drinking too little, your heart rate goes up to keep your blood flow going. Because of a high heart rate you can become restless and get a rushed feeling. In addition, you can also get ailments such as headaches. Here too, the only solution is to drink more water. Prevent muscle pain by drinking water.

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