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TIP: This is the reason why you should drink filtered warm water

Is water healthy? An ice cold glass of water with ice cubes is wonderful on hot days. If you do not have a warm feeling, do you drink a glass of ice-cold water? Then it costs your body a lot of energy, while a glass of hot water gives you energy! What else are the advantages of drinking hot water, we explain in this article. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather?

Detoxing your body

When you drink a glass of hot water your body warms up and you automatically sweat (over your entire body) something. As a result, the toxins go out of your body and your body is cleaned from the inside. For an extra good detox result you can add a little lemon juice to the glass of hot water. Fruit water.

Good for your bowel movements

A glass of hot water in the morning (with lemon juice) can help you get your digestion going. It turns out that drinking cold water after a meal solidifies the fats that were in the food. This can make it difficult for your body to digest, because the fats can stick to the inner wall of your intestines. Of course, what you want most after a meal is that your body digests the food. Hot water can help you digest your food.

Good for your energy arrow

If you drink a glass of cold water you always get a cold feeling in your stomach. The cold water must be warmed up in your body to be able to digest. It also costs your body a lot of energy to warm up cold water. If you drink a glass of warm water, your body will get energy from the hot water. Are not you out of bed in the morning? A glass of warm water can ensure that you get a bit more energy to start the day. Actually I should drink more water.

Stuck mucus in your throat

Drinking a glass of warm water or tea can help against stubborn mucus. This has to do with the fact that hot water relaxes the mucous membranes and the mucosal glands. Is there some mucus stuck in your throat? Do you cough a lot? Drink a few sips of warm water and you will notice that the mucus is washed away through the esophagus and the stomach.

Good against menstrual pain

A glass of warm water can help against that irritating nagging pain in your stomach when you have your period. The warm water that comes into your stomach relaxes the muscles in your stomach. So from now on you can swallow a pill against the pain with a glass of lukewarm water.

Good for your blood pressure

Drinking a glass of cold water can cause your tissue to contract and narrow your blood vessels. By drinking warm water your muscles and your tissue can relax more and thus the pressure on your blood vessels can be reduced. Did you know that a glass of rooibos tea is very good for your blood pressure? The doctor recommends this tea in patients with high blood pressure.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?