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9 Benefits of drinking more water

Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. Everyone knows that water is good for you, but after you have read this, you can not leave your door without a two-liter bottle. It not only keeps us alive, but makes us less susceptible to the flu, that we are more focused and look good. If you are not convinced yet, then read these 9 phenomenal benefits that water has on your body. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations.

We talked to Amy Shapiro, nutrition expert and founder of Real Nutrition NYC, a private practice in New York dedicated to healthy nutrition and well-being, to find out exactly why we need to drink more water. And she has convinced us that water is liquid gold.
1. You have more energy and are more focused

Most people know that our body consists largely of water, but have you already thought about what that means for your brain? Amy says that "your brain also consists mostly of water, and so it helps to stay well hydrated to concentrate and continue."
Instead of drinking a few cups of coffee in the morning, try starting the day with a glass of water and you will soon notice the difference in your productivity.
2. It helps you to lose weight

Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit. Are you trying to lose weight, but do you drink less because you are afraid to swell? Amy tells us that you have to do exactly the opposite.
"Water does not only fill up your stomach, leaving less room for food, but it also prevents hunger attacks, and we often think we're hungry, while we're just thirsty," she explains.
"The next time you hear your stomach gnawing, first drink a glass of water before you grab a snack, it contains 0 calories and no artificial sweeteners, making it the perfect drink.", Adds Amy
Reasons to drink more water © Getty
3. You keep looking young

If you are looking for the ultimate beauty product, then you should look no further than water: it is the best there is. Amy says that drinking more water is the most effective for younger and radiant skin.
"Your body consists mainly of water and your biggest organ is your skin, and if it is dehydrated, wrinkles and fine lines can be seen more clearly," says Amy. "If you drink enough, your skin will shine instead of looking faded."
4. It boosts your immune system

The more water you drink, the less chance that you will get infections, especially when it comes to contagious diseases and urinary tract infections.
"Water prevents illness by flushing out toxins from your body, it can prevent a cold, the flu or urinary tract infections," explains Amy.
5. It prevents injuries

A little known fact about hydration: you are less likely to strain a muscle if you are hydrated enough, so always bring enough water when you exercise. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water.
According to Amy, water helps prevent muscle spasms and injuries by allowing the muscle to move well and recover quickly after a workout. It also keeps your cartilage healthy and prevents pain in your joints.
Reasons to drink more water © Getty
6. It keeps your head happy

Are you tired of this agonizing headache? Have you already considered that the problem - and the solution - is much simpler than medication?
"Enough drinking can be the solution to headaches before it even starts because water prevents headaches caused by dehydration."
7. It keeps you fresh

Air conditioning also has its advantages, but if you are too hot, our specialists recommend water. "If you drink enough, your body can regulate its temperature by sweating," explains Amy.
Reasons to drink more water © Getty
8. You perform better

We have already said how important it is to drink enough while you exercise. But you have to know that it is not only good to keep you fresh, you even perform better!
"Water can make you perform better because your muscles are 75% water, and the better you are hydrated, the better they will function."
9. It controls your bowel movements

We know it may sound strange, but water is the purest, purest and cleanest substance you can put into your body. Amy explains that other drinks - such as coffee or soft drinks - can confuse your digestion, but water will never hurt.
"Water ensures that your system works well by helping you digest," says Amy. "It also prevents constipation."

Things to think about.

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