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Water with lemon: 8 reasons why

These are the consequences of drinking too little water. A new tradition has slowly crept into my diet. I start almost every day with a glass of hot water with lemon. Why, you might wonder? I think I may have read a bit too many books and theories about healthy food. Anyway, several authors have convinced me that this relatively simple action in the morning can mean so much good for your body. So yes, I'm in board! And I will also briefly explain why. 10 Ways to keep your kidneys healthy.

Health benefits of Water with Lemon

1. Lemons are full of vitamin C and the minerals calcium, potassium and magnesium. Vitamin C is obviously very good for your resistance! Calcium for strong bones and magnesium for a healthy heart and well functioning muscles.

2. Lemon juice purifies your blood, and water with lemon has a strong detox effect on your body. Because vitamin C is soluble in water, drinking warm water with lemon juice ensures that the vitamins in your whole body can eliminate bacteria and toxins.

3. Lemons also help in obtaining a clear, acne-free, and shiny skin. They ensure that your liver can excrete more toxins and they also strengthen the enzymes of your liver. Are fruit juices healthy. They also seem to prevent wrinkle and scarring ...

4. Starting the day with water ensures that the kidney capacity is increased, and the whole digestive tract is immediately flushed through. A super boost for your digestion, so!

5. You may think of acid in lemon. Yet, surprisingly, lemon has an alkalizing effect in the body. The acid / base balance in the body is very important because pathogens such as viruses, fungi and bacteria can only lead to disease and inflammation in an acidic environment. Too much acid in the body is certainly not good, and this is prevented by drinking a glass of water with lemon in the morning!

6. Too much uric acid can cause inflammation in the joints. Lemon juice dilutes just uric acid, reducing the risk of rheumatic pain or gout.

7. Your mouth is also happy with a lemon juice ... It is said that lemon has positive effects on toothache or gum problems. But it also ensures a super fresh breath! And who does not want that in the morning now?

8. But last but not least, lemons provide a stable blood sugar level. This is because they contain the substance pectin which gives a satiating feeling. As a result, sugars are absorbed less quickly by the body.
A few tips for the enthusiast

By using warm water with lemon in the morning, your body does not have to go straight to the water to warm up ... This is a bit calmer for your stomach. Keep the lemons at room temperature and roll the fresh lemon first as well over the counter, then there is much more juice! Afraid of your tooth enamel? Then look for a nice straw! Of course you can also replace fruit juices (which are usually full of sugars) and sodas sweetened with sugar or aspartame during the rest of the day with a tasty "self-flavored water mix". So, in addition to lemons, think of limes, or other citrus fruit. Do you sometimes taste your water with slices of cucumber (delicious in summer), or with fresh mint? When life gives you lemons ... bottoms up! 10 Reasons to have a Prestige Water cooler in your office.

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