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6 Benefits of drinking cucumber water

Better health with Prestige Water. It does not have to be difficult to have a healthy lifestyle. Having a full glass of water all the time. The small things can already make a difference. For example, drink cucumber water every day and you immediately give your body a boost. Scrape from a cucumber slices (or cut into slices) and put this in a jug with water. Occasional sweets from the can is no problem! Tap water vs Filtered water. Here are the advantages:

1. It helps with a lack of vitamins
Many of us do not get enough vitamins per day. This happens especially when you eat a lot of processed food. By drinking cucumber water you get a lot of vitamins A and C inside. We need that!

2. Cucumber water removes toxic substances
We are exposed a lot to chemicals, both in our food and drinks. This can cause problems. Cucumber contains a lot of fiber, which ensures that your body is rinsed clean.

3. Your blood pressure remains low
Cucumber helps your kidneys to extract excess sodium from your body. This keeps your blood pressure low and you have less chance of heart disease.

4. It helps you stay on weight
Cucumber is perfect as a snack. There are few calories and you get an extra portion of vegetables.

5. Cucumber water is good for your bones
Cucumber is full of vitamin K, this keeps your bones strong and is good for the brain.

6. It is good for your skin
The vitamins that are in cucumber moisturize your skin from the inside. Your skin and drinking water. It can help with irritation and keep your skin supple and smooth.

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