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6 Benefits of drinking cucumber water

Better health with Prestige Water. It does not have to be difficult to have a healthy lifestyle. Having a full glass of water all the time. The small things can already make a difference. For example, drink cucumber water every day and you immediately give your body a boost. Scrape from a cucumber slices (or cut into slices) and put this in a jug with water. Occasional sweets from the can is no problem! Tap water vs Filtered water. Here are the advantages:

1. It helps with a lack of vitamins
Many of us do not get enough vitamins per day. Drink plenty of water from your water cooler Thornlands. This happens especially when you eat a lot of processed food. By drinking cucumber water you get a lot of vitamins A and C inside. We need that!

2. Cucumber water removes toxic substances
We are exposed a lot to chemicals, both in our food and drinks. This can cause problems. Cucumber contains a lot of fiber, which ensures that your body is rinsed clean.

3. Your blood pressure remains low
Cucumber helps your kidneys to extract excess sodium from your body. This keeps your blood pressure low and you have less chance of heart disease.

4. It helps you stay on weight
Cucumber is perfect as a snack. There are few calories and you get an extra portion of vegetables.

5. Cucumber water is good for your bones
Cucumber is full of vitamin K, this keeps your bones strong and is good for the brain.

6. It is good for your skin
The vitamins that are in cucumber moisturize your skin from the inside. Your skin and drinking water. It can help with irritation and keep your skin supple and smooth.

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Drinking healthy water from your water cooler Thornlands

Drinking water: we always hear that drinking enough water is so important for the skin. This idea is accepted everywhere without grumbling, but it is not really clearly explained or demonstrated why. Because what difference does this make for the skin? Why filter tapwater.

To drink water; what does this do for the skin?

Drinking water and enough is good for the body and skin. But why, in fact, what does this water do for the skin? And how much should we drink from our water cooler Thornlands? Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach.

The average person does his best to drink enough water every day, but this sometimes remains a challenge. However, the consumption of 2 liters of water per day can really improve the condition of the skin. Of course this does not only apply to facial skin! The skin of the hands, arms, legs, etc. also benefits. Thanks to water, body keeps volume

Drinking enough water has many benefits for the skin

That is also not surprising when you consider that the vast majority of the human body consists of water 1 and water plays a key role in normal body balance. The fluid is in cells and tissues. Drinking water is important, we hear, but the explanation is often not forthcoming. Water is the environment in which all transport systems of the body work. Thanks to water the body keeps its volume, both intracellular and extracellular: this is important to prevent dehydration and to keep the body at the right temperature. Our skin needs water, it is not for nothing that a water shortage in connection with various dermatological dysfunctions. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water.

According to studies, the amount of water we get from food and drinks is not enough to meet our daily water needs. There are some conflicting sounds about the amount of water that we should drink every day. According to the Food Safety Authority, this is 2 liters for women and 2.5 liters for men from your own water cooler Thornlands. How do I get more energy?

To be consequent

Consistently drinking a few liters of water sometimes remains difficult. A study with mature, healthy women showed that this is damaging the skin. They drank 2 liters of water a day for a month.

After two weeks, hydration was measured in superficial and deeper skin, on the forehead, arm, hand, and leg. The epidermal barrier function was also examined.

By water consumption

  • There had been a drastic change in hydration in the epidermis
  • The hydration in the deeper skin layers was improved
  • Decreased the friction between fibers in the skin layers due to the increased hydration: this improved the overall skin structure

At the end of the study all improvements were still present.

Did you know this about drinking water?

The intake of water has the same effect on the skin as the use of a moisturizer. Water from your water cooler Thornlands thus moisturizes the skin and has dermatological benefits.  If you apply this regime consistently, you will be rewarded with healthier skin. And perhaps even more interesting; you also work on a more elastic skin! Even the thickness and density of the skin can increase due to water consumption.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?