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TIP: 6 Ways to get an energy boost

Do you have a lot of trouble to get out of bed in the morning or do you suffer from a midday dip as standard? Many people pep up themselves by drinking a cup of coffee, but of course you can not be a fan of this brown stuff. These six ways ensure that you do not have to drink coffee to get an energy boost.

1. Natural sunlight
Are you tired more than you went to sleep? Then immediately pull open the curtains and take a deep breath. Good hydration in the summer. The natural sunlight helps your body to produce vitamin D and increases your serotonin levels. This can improve your mood and it is more likely that you will sleep better tonight.

Do you suffer from a midday dip? Then take a short break and switch a block for your dose of sunlight. Bet you feel a lot more energetic afterwards?
2. Stay hydrated
Drinking water with fruit and spice. If you do not drink enough water, you become dehydrated. This can make you fatigued, because dehydration has a negative effect on how much oxygen your brain receives. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. So keep drinking plenty of water to stay sharp all day!

3. Eat a healthy snack
Do you suffer from a collapse? It is of course very easy to grab a sugar-rich snack, as this delicious treat can give you a temporary boost. The disadvantage is that you then get the blow twice as hard back, because of the fluctuations in your blood sugar level. Therefore choose a snack where you can get energy for a long time, such as an apple with some almond butter for example. Tasty and healthy!

4. Take some chewing gum
When you chew on chewing gum, your heartbeat rises and thus also the blood supply to your brain. That's why chewing gum not only makes you more alert, it can also make your mental capacities better. Add your minty breath and you have a win-win-win situation! Eating delicious ripe fruit.

5. Move
Even if it is only a short afternoon walk or a small circle on the bike, regular exercise stimulates your central nervous system. This gives you more energy and you are less tired. In other words, move that ass! Even if it is only for 10 minutes.
>> The workout for the office: total body tone in 4 minutes

6. Stimulate your brain
Nothing works better than what brain training to get you back on after an energy dip. Solve a number of sudoku's, do a crossword puzzle or go scramble a virtual game. When you do a short brainteaser, your brain is stimulated without getting exhausted. And it's fun too!

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