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What to eat and drink in warm weather

A glass of cool rosé arrives like a sledgehammer. After two beers, your legs feel heavy. Tips to drink more water. The effect of alcohol on the body seems to be different than normal at high outside temperatures. And the appetite is also not to write home about. What should you eat and drink in hot weather? And what better to leave?

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What kind of water to drink. Humans need moisture, moisture and more moisture when they heat up. One and a half to two liters per day: water, tea, sports drinks, milk, buttermilk, yogurt, fruit and vegetables. And nice cool, foamy beers? No, says the Nutrition Center. Beer seems to be thirsty, but that is apparent. It works just diuretic. So you dry out pretty quickly, especially with a warm outside temperature. About Prestige Water.

Alcohol and heat

Alcohol extracts moisture from the body. This is because alcohol in the kidneys affects the hormones that cause your body to retain fluid. So the more alcohol you drink, the more fluid you lose. "" The myth of 'the beer as a thirst quencher' is thus unmasked. Whether the effect of alcohol on the body is also stronger at high outside temperatures, has not really been investigated. But in warm weather you drink faster. In addition, many people have less appetite in heat. Alcohol on an empty stomach is three times as hard as when you have eaten well. You can quickly become light-headed or get headaches. This applies to hot and cold weather.


Warm weather also dilates the blood vessels. ,, Your pores open, you perspire more. Alcohol comes through that blood vessel dilation faster in the gastrointestinal tract and in the blood. It spreads faster in the body, so you feel the effect of drink faster in the brain, "says a nutritionist from the Nutrition Center. "But of course the effect also depends on the amount of drink."

Thirst and dehydration

It is not smart to go for an afternoon in warm weather. Unnoticed you can become dehydrated: dazed, slow, concentrated urine, headache, thirst. ,, And then you may have a tendency to take more beer. That is counterproductive ''.

. "If you are dehydrating, you take less moisture until you then expel yourself. Or expel. You lose not only moisture but also mineral salts such as sodium, potassium, chlorine and magnesium. That amount must be fairly constant in the body. If in the moisture outside the body cells something in the composition of these salts changes, then this also has an effect on the moisture composition within the cells. They will then swell up: the familiar hangover feeling after too much drinking. ''


Your skin and drinking water. Dehydration due to insufficient moisture or too much alcohol can be dangerous. It then literally comes to refueling. Certainly young children, the elderly or people who are vulnerable for another reason are at risk. Dehydration affects all functions. You can even faint or die as a result. You can actually drink everything, except alcohol as a thirst quencher and too much sugar-rich soda as a calorie bomb. You only get calories with it, without nutrients.


According to Schutte, it is a widespread misunderstanding that coffee also drifts moisture. ,, You have to urinate more, but not more often. Coffee as a boost can not hurt. ''

Salt and food

Heavy hot meals do not go smoothly in these days either. Eating is effort. When people drink too little, they feel less fit and have less appetite. By drinking more fluid, you feel fitter and you have more appetite for food. Although in warm weather it is usually cool and fresh as (fruit) salads and lean meats. '' Extra salt is not necessary, says the dietician., And certainly no salt tablets. The entire salt balance is out of balance. This is only used in extreme cases, and that is not the case now. Moreover, there is enough salt in everything we eat and drink. If you are faint, then take stock instead of extra salt or a handful of crisps. '' Just take three meals a day. Possibly slightly later in the evening, when it is cooler. Because snacking is no alternative.

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