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Do you need to drink more than 1 liter of water per day

Our body consists of 70 percent water and what we lose, we have to replenish. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Water constantly discharges waste from our bodies. In addition, water regulates our body temperature. Are you unhealthy if you do not drink 1.5 liters every day? No, that is a recommendation and not an obligation. As a young person you know the feeling of thirst that warns you when it is time to drink. Calculate how much water you should drink.

How do you know if you drink enough?

7 Ways to influence your energy intake. Do the PIPI test! Take a look in the toilet: what color does your urine have: colorless or light yellow? Then you drink enough. Dark yellow? Take more drinking breaks. In warm weather and especially if you have a lot of sport or a heavy physical job, your body needs much more. Water is the purest and most important source of moisture and the very best thirst quencher. Flue and drinking water.

If you are thirsty, it is best to drink water.

Do not feel like it?

  •     Water with a taste is a good alternative.
  •     Choose tea, coffee or herbal mixtures and ensure a part of your daily fluid intake. But do not add sugar or other sweeteners
  •     Fresh and sports drinks will let you stand best. Then you just take the light version? No, even you do not drink that the whole day: they are not good for the teeth and contain sweeteners.
  •     Fruit juice, soup, vegetable juice, milk drinks and beverages based on nuts, grains and seeds contain a lot of moisture but also other nutrients.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?