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Water with apple, cucumber and basil

On hot days I prefer to drink a cold glass of water. Water cooler with or without filtration. That's why a standard carafe of water is placed in the refrigerator. But sometimes I choose water with a taste such as this delicious water with apple, cucumber and basil. You have really made this and once you have poured a glass you just refill the carafe. So you always have a refreshing glass of water with a taste ready to quench the worst thirst. Would you also like to enjoy such a nice glass of water with apple, cucumber and basil you will read below how to make this.

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Ingredients (1 liter)

  •     1 l. water
  •     1/2 apple
  •     1/4 cucumber
  •     twig of basil

Preparation method

Put a decanter ready with a little wide neck so that you can easily put all the ingredients into it. Use the apple and cucumber to clean under the tap. Cut the quarter cucumber lengthwise in slices and then in the width into strips, put the strips of cucumber in the decanter. Now cut slices of the apple, you can just leave the skin. Also cut the slices of apple into strips and also put in the decanter. Pick the leaves of a sprig of basil and put them in the carafe. Pour in water and press the pieces of apple and cucumber that float up deeper into the decanter. Put the carafe with the water with apple, cucumber and basil in your refrigerator and let it cool down. Every time you have poured a glass of water you can refill the decanter. So you can do a few days with a bottle of water with a taste until you notice that the taste decreases or the apple starts to discolour. Then replace the pieces of apple and cucumber and the leaves of basil for a new stock and fill with water again. You can also add some lemon slices for a slightly fresher taste. And certainly also vary with other fruit and other herbs.

Tip of cooking idea: always cold water

Truth about drinking water. Always cold water "Water from the refrigerator is always nice and refreshing" If you are thirsty, you can of course get a glass of water from the tap. But if you make sure you have a water jug in the fridge, you always have a bottle of ice cold and thirst-quenching water. And I do not know how cold the water is from your tap, but I myself really notice the difference between water from the tap and water from the refrigerator. Can you go to the toilet faster if you drink lukewarm water. Why do I have to pee so often. Even better is the way you add a flavor to the water in the recipe above. For example, a few slices of lemon or some leaves of mint or apple, cucumber and basil as in the recipe. If you do that more often, it might be useful to opt for a water carafe with a filter. View the top 10 water jugs and bottles here or browse through all types of water bottles and jugs.

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