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Are you drinking enough water from your water cooler Ripley?

Breathing, sweating, peeing. Filtered water or bottled water. Every day we lose a lot of moisture. It is therefore important that you drink plenty of water, especially during the sultry summer months. Do you want to know if you drink enough from your water cooler Ripley? Read it here. Water is by far the number 1 nutrient in our lives. Is water healthy?

After all, drinking water has many advantages:

  • You can concentrate better;
  • Your headache decreases faster;
  • You will think more clearly;
  • You support the natural detox of your body;

And although these health benefits are known, not everyone knows how healthy and essential water is. Cold or hot drinks in warm weather? Did you know that a lot of people live in a mild form of dehydration, which leads to concentration problems, fatigue and headaches? Discover below if you belong to this group!

How much water do you drink?

The recommended daily allowance varies according to gender and need - for example, intensive exercise or hot summer days. Women need between 1 and 1.75 liters of water per day, men between 1.5 and 2.75 liters. Drinking enough water is a big challenge for many people, since water is bored quickly. Do you drink too little water?

This is how you test it

  • Drink two large glasses of water or one bottle of water from your water cooler Ripley of 500 ml. Do you not have to go to the toilet within an hour? Then your body 'held' the water and you were (slightly) dehydrated. If you have enough fluid in your body, your body will drain the excess water through the urinary tract.
  • Your urine color also pops out of confession. The darker your urine, the more concentrated your waste is. Urine should be very pale yellow, except when you take vitamins. Then a dark color is not abnormal.

That way you drink more water

With these simple tips, drinking enough water is a piece of cake!

  • Drink filtered water from your water cooler Ripley, as soon as you are awake, two large glasses of water. Your body craves water after sleep, and between five and twenty minutes all the fluid in your blood is already absorbed.
  • Always bring a bottle of water along the way and put a bottle or water on your table or desk. You are more likely to drink if your bottle is nearby. Also water with a fruity taste makes you look forward to the next glass of water. Lemon water healthy and delicious.
  • Try to oblige yourself to drink a glass of water for every meal. Water namely, your feeling of hunger, since your brain sometimes can not make the difference between hunger and thirst.
  • Do you really not get your water inside? Then drink tea of more water from your water cooler Ripley. Good for your hydration and extra healthy because of the many antioxidants it contains. Flavors like chamomile, liquorice, green tea, white tea and mint tea are toppers.

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8 tips to prevent dehydration by drinking water from your water cooler Ripley

Having a full glass of water all the time. Dehydration is a risk that lurks in the elderly and can have serious consequences. Nurse specialist geriatric medicine Simone Paulis conducts research into dehydration of nursing home residents. How do you prevent a fluid deficiency?
Preventing dehydration in the elderly Dehydration or dehydration is common in the elderly. This has to do with changes in the body. With illness, fever, vomiting and diarrhea there is an increased risk of dehydration. People with cognitive impairment, who can no longer take care of themselves, are also at risk. Tap water vs filtered water.

Serious consequences

Nurse specialist geriatric medicine Simone Paulis is conducting PhD research on dehydration in nursing home care. According to her, the biggest problem is that many health care professionals do not recognize a chronic fluid deficiency in time. While the consequences can be serious: thrombosis, bladder infections, respiratory infections, kidney stones and pressure ulcers and in the worst case: death. Preventing dehydration in the elderly is therefore very important. Better health with Prestige Water.

What can you do to prevent dehydration? Simone gives 8 tips:

1. Make clear to drink enough from your water cooler Ripley

'It strikes me that the elderly often think that they drink enough, but if you keep asking, it appears that they do not reach the recommended amount for the elderly at 1700 cc per day. Older people also often know little about dehydration. '

2. Advise the elderly to drink small amounts from the water cooler Ripley more often during the day

"Drinking a large amount of water in one go will cause your stomach to expand, so you will not feel like eating or drinking."

3. Couple drinking with ADL moments

'For example, after a hot shower, where you often sweat and therefore lose moisture. Or make sure that someone always drinks something after brushing their teeth or consuming an extra glass during a meal or when taking medication. '

4. Provide variety

'Make the consumption of moisture more attractive by alternating. For example: coffee, tea, water, fruit juice, yogurt, fruit and vegetables. '

5. Be alert to fever

"Make sure that someone drinks at least half a liter per degree of fever more than usual."

6. Pay close attention to how much someone drinks

'Moisture lists in nursing homes are not always kept up to date, but they are a gauge for observing a change in fluid consumption. Make sure that you are alert to a change in drinking pattern and drinking quantity. Do you work in home care? Then you can also maintain a moisture list together with your client. In this way you chart whether the client drinks enough and the client becomes aware of his fluid intake. '

7. Watch for behavioral change

"Is someone confused or drowsy? Then take a critical look at how much moisture someone receives in a day. "

8. Use resources

"Does anyone need a reminder to make sure he drinks enough?" Consider the use of a tool such as the Obli. This tool gives a signal when it is time to drink water from your water cooler Ripley. "

How do you recognize dehydration?

It is not easy to make this diagnosis in the elderly. You can recognize a client with a fluid deficiency mainly by (several of) these signals:

  • The client is drowsy or confused (delirium), suffers from dizziness and falls quickly.
  • Sometimes hard to understand. The client chokes quickly.
  • Lowered blood pressure, fever, constipation.
  • The client complains about thirst, pees little and the urine is dark in color; then there is already a serious dehydration!
  • The client loses more than 3% of body weight or more than 1 kg per day in a short period of time. An acute change in body weight can also indicate overfilling.
  • Very dry tongue and mucous membranes.
  • Less elastic skin (this is also a normal aging phenomenon), itching and skin infections.

What do you do in the event of dehydration?

It is important that in the event of dehydration the shortage of moisture is supplemented. Drink more water from your water cooler Ripley. This can be done orally or when this no longer works, for example with an infusion.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?