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Drinking water from your water cooler Raceview and losing weight

It is well known: you will get rid of drinking a lot of water. I give you some handy tools here, some tips and positive features about drinking water. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. In my weight loss practice in Kerkrade, I have been treating people who are overweight for years. I would like to give you the unique secret to get that flat stomach by drinking water.

First of all, I want to let you know that you will eat less as a result of drinking more water. Tests have shown that when you drink half a liter of water before a meal, you start eating fewer calories. The water acts as a kind of buffer that will keep you hungry. This can amount to as much as 150 calories per day that will eat less.

Why is water essential for our bodies?

Firstly, it is important to know that our body consists of + 60% water, so it is very important to ensure that you do not dry out. Only a few percent water loss could lead to dehydration. When it is hot or you work in a place where there is dry air, think for example of an air conditioning or the like, it is necessary to increase your water supply. What drinking water really does for your skin.

How much water should I drink?

There is no set water limit that you must drink. This depends on various factors, of yourself and your environment. Usually the minimum is 1.5 liters per day, however drinking too much water has its downside as well, which can be harmful for your kidneys in the long term.

How much you can drink can be calculated on the basis of your weight:
80 kg (male) x 0.03 = 2.4 L / per day
Make sure when you for example go to a sport or a sauna, drink enough after these activities. It goes without saying that sports and sauna moisture work in a drifting way.

Conclusion of drinking water

Drinking water will certainly not make you fat. Water contains 0 calories, compared to soft drinks, this is a lot less. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure. Do you want a flat stomach or start diets? for this you do not have to work every day in the sweat. Replace your soda with water daily and drink half a liter before eating and you will quickly notice the effect of water. You do not fall from drinking water yourself, but from the saturated feeling that it brings about.

I summarize the most important elements of this article:

  • Water contains 0 calories
  • Water is stilling hunger
  • Water ensures that you do not dehydrate

I wake up with a fresh glass of water and I go to sleep with a fresh glass of water. I advise everyone who wants to be seriously involved in healthy weight loss to drink water. Do you want to lose just that little bit more? Then make an appointment with me today I'll be happy to help you I give you tips and tricks that everyone can use to get a flat stomach. Eating delicious fruit.

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Drinking water from your water cooler Raceview: actual benefits for weight

In "How Drinking Water Leads to Weight Loss" some of these benefits (facts and figures about water and weight loss) have already been discussed and you can see how drinking water leads to surprising results regarding weight. So if you want to control your weight or snack and snack less, you can simply drink more water.

Fewer sweets and snacks

The University of Illinois study examined the dietary habits of 18,300 adults. Those who only increased daily water consumption by 1% had a lower daily calorie intake; snacks and sweets were eaten a lot less. It didn't matter if the water came from the tap, cooler or bottle.

Lower calorie consumption

If two to three extra glasses of water from your water cooler Raceview were consumed per day, the daily calories decreased by 68 to 205 per day. Salt intake decreased by 78 to 235 mg. Also, 5 mg-18 mg less sugar was eaten daily and cholesterol consumption also decreased: by 7 to 21 mg. The impact of water intake was the same regardless of ethnicity, education, income and body weight. It can be helpful to promote water consumption as a good substitute for other drinks to lower calorie intake.

Also added drinks such as black tea, herbal tea and coffee to the total daily water intake. Healthy filtered alkaline water with minerals from your water cooler Raceview. On average, participants drank about 4.2 cups of plain water daily. The average calorie intake was 2157 calories. This included 125 calories from sweetened drinks and 432 calories from foods that are not necessarily part of a healthy diet (snacks and sweets). The decreased caloric intake was greatest in men and middle-aged and younger individuals.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?