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TIP: This way you make a nice herbal water

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Last summer a large supermarket chain came with an original and simple product: bottles of water filled with various herbs that sell for $ 1.75. Healthy drinks instead of water. A tasty and healthy thirst quencher, which you can easily make yourself. You do that:

Ideas for combinations:

Water, ginger and lemon balm
Water, lavender and mint
Water, cucumber and dill
Water, lemon and mint
Water, lime and orange
Water, apple and halved white grape
Water, star anise, cinnamon stick

Easy to make
Make morning before you go to school or work. Or the night before so that the taste can continue well. But do not be afraid. The water ensures that the vegetables, fruit and herbs that you put into the water will not quickly decay. Especially if you put sour fruit such as apples, lemon, lime, grapes and orange in the water, the acid will help to keep the contents of the bottle longer. How many liter of water should you drink. That means that you can even stock up for a whole week.

What does it taste like?
Well, it simply tastes like water and the herbs that you put in it. Chilled is that incredibly tasty. The herbs give off their taste subtly. So it is not that you taste a very sharp ginger taste. But very subtle. This is a drink for the gourmets and not for people who only enjoy strong and sugared flavors such as soft drinks or energy drinks.


Herbs also have different medicinal properties. Armed with this knowledge, you could fill your bottle of water extra consciously with herbs that help you with ailments, or even better: to help prevent them. Below is a list of common herbs and their effect:

- Aloe Vera:
blood purifying, antibacterial, choral resistant, repelling of dead skin cells and formation of new skin cells (good for the skin and against colds!)

- Nettle:
blood purifying, promotes resistance, stimulates digestion, astringent, cleanses urinary tract (to prevent ratio, bladder infection and lack of appetite)

- Lemon balm:
Relaxes with nerves, relaxes the stomach and intestines (with stress and stomach and intestinal complaints)

- Cranberry:
Bacterium-controlling and purification of urinary tract (in case of bladder inflammation, for example)

- Ginger:
Pain-resisting, anti-emetic, against cramp in the intestines and stomach (in case of nausea and bowel complaints)

- Ginseng:
Analgesic, improved natural resistance, takes somberness away (in case of gloom with physical weakness as a result)

- Chamomile:
Stimulates blood cells, analgesic, antispasmodic (with menstrual pain)

- Cinnamon:
Reduce pain and stimulate digestion, stimulating and stimulating

- Horseradish:
Antibiotic, increasing resistance

- Papaya:
Appetizing, analgesic, anti-inflammatory

- Rhubarb:
Appetizing, laxative, stomach-strengthening (with constipation)

- Fennel:
Urinary, digestive, digestive, antispasmodic, digestive (in case of intestinal and bladder complaints)

- Liquorice:
Anti-inflammatory, promotes expectoration of mucus, antibacterial, moisturizing (in colds)

Why is Filtered Water so Important?