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TIP: 5 Reasons why you should drink more water

Almost everyone knows that drinking enough water is healthy. Yet most people do not drink enough water, because the guideline is about 1 liter of water per 30 kg of body weight. That means that for most of us, at least 2 liters per day soon! But why is water so healthy now and should you do something better to get that 2 liters? Calculate how much water you should drink.

  •     It keeps your appetite under control. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date.
  •     Besides the fact that water fills your stomach and you get hungry less quickly, this also works in a different way. Your body does not know the difference between hunger and thirst and transmits the same signal for both. So it may just be that you think you have to eat something, while you are actually thirsty. In case of hunger, always drink a large glass of water first. Are you still hungry? Then grab a healthy snack or meal! 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.
  •     Disposal of waste. Anti-Colds and drinking water.
  •     If you get too little water and your body is afraid that it will dry out, it will switch into a survival mode. It then holds more moisture in your legs, feet, arms and face and you do not need to urinate. Because you lose less fluid, this also means that your body is therefore less able to drain waste. That is bad news for your whole body. If you drink enough, your harmful waste can be better disposed of and your intestines will be cleaner and better nutrients.
  •     A beautiful skin
  •     A beautiful young skin is a hydrated skin! If you get too little moisture, your skin becomes dull and dry and you get wrinkles faster. Drinking a lot of water therefore works as a kind of moisturizing cream, but then from the inside and therefore much more effective.
  •     No more headaches and muscle cramps
  •     When you dry out, histamine builds up in your body, causing headaches. In addition, it slows down the blood circulation so that you get cramps in your muscles more quickly. So make sure that you drink enough during exercise!
  •     Good bowel movements and more energy
  •     Even with a very little dehydration (from 1%) your bowel movement becomes slower, you feel tired and you can concentrate worse. You often only get thirsty at a dehydration of 2%, so do not wait and drink enough the whole day.

In short: Drinking enough water is more important than you think and even essential for a healthy body. Put your decanter within reach on your desk and add a slice of lemon, twig of mint or some ginger for another flavor or add herbal tea. And no, coffee and black tea do not count! Because of the caffeine, they actually extract moisture from your body. In green tea is also caffeine, but that also contains so many good substances, that it is still very healthy.

Please note that you do not drink sparkling water, the carbon dioxide of the bubbles changes the pH value of the water from basic to acidifying (just look at the back of the bottle). In our Western diet we already get too many acidifying foods, too high acidity is unhealthy. In addition, the acid is bad for your teeth and you can get a bloated stomach and intestinal

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?