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Drinking lemon water - sense or nonsense

Why filter tapwater. Thanks to food trends and hypes, ordinary foods can suddenly become a super food. This is more or less the "good old" lemon. Suddenly there was drinking lemon water on the empty stomach. This drink is made by squeezing about half a lemon into a glass, and pouring it with water. Numerous health sites praise this drink in the air, it would stimulate fat burning, restore the PH value of the body, it would "detoxify" us and it would be packed with vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, which our skin does shine. 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water. What is scientifically correct with all these statements? Does it really make sense to start every morning with a glass of lemon water or does it just work out wrong? An article about the sense and nonsense of lemons.

Lemons are covered with citrus fruits. The CITRUS LEMON is a yellow oval fruit, with a remarkably sour taste. The flesh is firm and juicy, and there are pips in the middle. The sour taste is caused by the citric acid present, an acid that is used a lot in the food industry to preserve, for example. The lemons grow on trees, which bear fruit four times a year. What is special is that the fruits have a different color every season. The fruits in the summer grow from July to September and are green, in autumn and winter the fruits are yellow, as we know them. In May, the fruits are almost white in color and that remains the same. The lemon tree is the only known tree that bears fruit four times a year.

Lemons are, like other citrus fruits, rich in vitamin C. This is per 100 grams (peeled) at about 53 mg. The rest of the list does not look wrong either:

Lemons are therefore a healthy addition to our daily food. However, they are pretty acidic, so it always has to be processed. Lemons are used as a seasoning in many dishes, but are also used as a stabilizer in dishes. In addition, the skin, like other citrus fruits, contains a lot of aromatic oils. Lemon zest / zest is therefore also used a lot in many dishes. Lemon juice is also very often used to prevent discoloration. An apple oxidizes immediately as soon as it is cut open. By greasing the parts with half a lemon, the apple will not discolour.

The zest of the lemon therefore contains a lot of flavor. It is very much used to give cakes and tarts a delicious fresh taste. An essential oil is prepared from the peel of the lemon by pressing or steam distillation. This is used a lot in the cosmetic industry, for example citronella and perfumes. But also in lemonades and sweets. Non-organic lemons often have a beautiful shine. This is because they are sprayed with a layer of wax. This wax layer, once sprayed, you do not get washed off. If you buy lemons for the skin / graters, always buy organic lemons. These do not contain wax layers. Want long hair.

All right, nothing but praising the lemon. It is therefore not very strange to say that in the world of healthy food it is suddenly considered a kind of super food. Suddenly we are sitting on the lemon water en masse as soon as we get out of bed, because countless health sites claim that this crackling-the-bitch is healthy. It would be super-healthy for a lot of things. Digestion, fat burning, it would "detoxify and detox" and it is full of vitamins and minerals. I've been diving in it years before, when it was just on the rise. I decided to do it again. What does science say about this wonder drink, for example?


How do I get more energy? One of the most read claims that I encountered was that the wonder drink would "detoxify" and "detox". There have been many scientific studies showing that detox does not work at all, and it is mainly based on marketing tricks. Also in detox I have already in 2013 an article provided in which I described the same findings as in this clarifying article. To this day there is no scientific evidence that juices, enemas and other detoxification-marketing tricks work to, for example, dispose of waste better and faster. The body is in good condition, able to arrange all this. Our liver and kidneys do this job right from the day we are born for us and is perfectly capable of doing this 24 hours a day. If you eat and live healthy, this natural waste treatment in your body is arranged for you. Is it unhealthy then? No, of course not, but do not think it CONTRIBUTES or HELPS to detoxify. That is what our body does perfectly well itself. Or a glass of grapefruit juice does the same thing.

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8 benefits of drinking a glass of water from your water cooler Port Broughton early in the morning

You probably know that drinking water is very important and that it has many benefits for your body and health. Did you also know that drinking water in the morning also has many benefits? Read below why it is so good for you!

1. Boost your metabolism

Drinking a few glasses of water on an empty stomach gives a kickstart for more efficient digestion. Besides, water helps to keep the lymphatic system and intestinal tract healthy. So you start the day well.

2. Diseases

With the water treatment you can cure ailments, such as high blood pressure, upset stomach and constipation. It helps prevent constipation, because water promotes bowel movements. Besides, water helps to hydrate organs, so that they can function properly.

3. Headache

One of the causes of a headache is drinking too little. So start your day with a few glasses of water to avoid getting too little water later in the day and getting a headache. You will have to drink regularly during the day, but at least you will already have some water inside.

4. Waste

Drinking enough water removes waste products from your body. This stimulates your metabolism at the beginning of the day. Our body removes waste products through urine and sweat, so water is very important in this.

5. Lose weight

In general, water is very beneficial for weight loss. Not only does water have a satiating effect, but water also helps burn fat and calories. You also boost your metabolism without taking in extra calories. So start your day with a few glasses of water from your water cooler Port Broughton even if you are losing weight.

6. Productivity

To wake up properly, you will take a shower to get water on your face. Unlike getting water on you, drinking water is also an energy benefit. You will start the day with more energy and more productivity during the day. With water you wake up twice as much in the morning.

7. Skin

At night your body is renewing and repairing cells in your body. By drinking water in the morning, your body excretes waste products and gives your skin a beautiful glow. You can also reduce your wrinkles, because water ensures elasticity and vitality of the skin.

8. Lemon water

Drinking a glass of lukewarm lemon water in the morning has even more benefits due to the acidity of the lemon. For example, due to the vitamin C content and the antioxidants in a lemon. Or improve digestion, reduce inflammation and hydrate your body.

Tip: make your water from your water cooler Port Broughton even more tastier with ginger, lemon, blueberries, strawberries or mint. If you find it difficult to drink a few glasses, drink from a drinking bottle. It can hold a lot of water and if you drink it completely, you have enough water for a kickstart in the morning.

So take a glass of water with your cup of coffee tomorrow morning!

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