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Water with a taste. Some nice combinations

I do not think I have to tell you that enough drinking is very important. Especially during hot days or when you exercise a lot! Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach. Drinking water does not appeal to everyone. It can also become a bit boring at a given moment. Today I give you 10 tips to make your water just a bit more interesting with a taste!

Water with a taste of fruit, herbs or other fresh products is also called 'infused water'. Sounds a lot more interesting than water with a taste. I will give you some of my favorite combinations of products below that you can add to your water. You can of course also use each product separately! I think you'll understand that. Combinations seem more difficult to think of, which is why I chose that.

  •     Strawberries and basil, you may not immediately think of adding basil to your water, but I really like it! Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit.
  •     Mint and lime for the Mojito lovers.
  •     Ginger and lemon. It is best to add the ginger to hot water and let it cool down. Then you get the most taste. You can always add the lemon later.
  •     Cold tea with a few drops of sweetener. Choose your favorite type of tea and let it cool down! Sweetener is of course not mandatory, but it is good for occasionally. Do not do this too often.
  •     Melon and cucumber is super thirst-quenching!
  •     Orange and lemon for the citrus-fruit fans.
  •     Frozen raspberries and mint, the raspberries give flavor and coolness. With mint it is just a cocktail. Especially when you add sparkling water.
  •     Pineapple, mango and basil seem like a separate combination, but I love it! Also nice with mint.
  •     Sugar-free lemonade with lime (and some mint) gives that real old-school-lemonade vibe. I think then equal to American children who sell lemonade. I especially like it with sugar-free lemonade with tropical fruits.
  •     Cold green tea with mint and lemon is also so nice and refreshing! Ice cube and go with that banana.

Extra tips
Below are some additional tips that you can use.

  •     Also use Spa red or Spa Marie-Henriette (slightly less bubbles than red)! Wonderful for the variety.
  •     Add ice cubes for extra cooling
  •     You can also add a few drops of sweetener. Do not do this too often, so that you do not get used to a sweet taste too much. Moreover, there is a chance that you will get more sweet appetite.
  •     Frozen fruit is also perfect, because you have taste AND ice cube in one.
  •     Buy a water bottle with filter, then you can take your water everywhere you go. Moreover, you do not constantly get bits in your mouth thanks to the filter. For example, this one from Prestige Water. Why filter tapwater.

5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water. I hope I have given you some inspiration again!

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