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TIP: How much water should you drink. This formula tells you.

We all know that drinking water from your water cooler Paroo is important. Good hydration in the summer. Yet we do far too little: research shows that 50 to 80 percent of people are chronically dehydrated and that this has an effect on our physical and emotional well-being.

When asked exactly how much you should drink every day, there is no scientifically founded answer. Calculate how much water you should drink per day. There is a guideline: it is usually recommended to count 30 ml of water per kilo of body weight. Women would need 1.5 to 2 liters on average, men 2 to 3 liters.
1 kg body weight = 30 ml of water per day:
60 kg = 1.8 liters
80 kg = 2.4 liters
100 kg = 3 liters

The formula gives you a guideline, but your body can also warn you if you drink too little. The American doctor Mahdi Brown gave a simple trick to test if you are dehydrated. Relax your hand, grab a piece of skin and pull it. Release it and observe what happens. If it springs right back you are well hydrated. If it takes a while and you have a fold, you are dehydrated. What drinking water really does for your skin.

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Drink plenty from your water cooler Paroo

I walked around and didn't lose any weight. I just gained weight. That had to be done differently and I found a way to use walking effectively to lose weight. I have now lost 10 kilos. It wasn't even that difficult. No, I don't have a miracle cure and I had to work for it and leave things for it. It took me four months to achieve this result. Four fun months because walking was a big part of my weight loss plan. Did you know that you can use walking very effectively to lose weight?

Eat less, exercise more

But first something else: Weight loss only comes about if you burn more calories than you work in. It's that simple. A quick translation is: eat less, exercise more. It all starts with eating less. I had a fairly simple diet plan; I ate every two and a half hours to keep my metabolism going. In total, I took about 1750 kcal per day. I drank over 2 liters of water in addition to my regular drinks and I moved. A little strength training and cardio in the gym, tennis and a lot of walking.

Let walking be a movement that is not too difficult, costs no money and can go anywhere, at times that suit you. So it is easy. But you have walking and walking. Here are 5 tips to effectively use walking to lose weight.

My 5 tips:


Walk often and further. Of course, you don't always have to put on your walking shoes for walking. Get that message on foot or take a lunch walk. I tried to walk every day. I followed a running schedule in preparation for the Nijmegen Four Days Marches. With that, I walked longer and further every weekend. Did you know that your fat burning only starts after half an hour of walking. I immediately noticed it when I had taken a 30 km walk. Participating in the Alkmaar 4 days (4 × 25 km) was also top in terms of weight loss.

Plan walking in. So I followed the training schedule of the Nijmegen Four Days Marches. That only came to pass when I planned it and thought when I had time to take long walks and made arrangements with a walking buddy. Then you have to. I also have two regular walking moments with a girlfriend per week. One night a week we walk about 7 km and another day 10 km. Fixed shot. You should not let it depend on accidental time and meaning.


Use all your muscles when walking. Strolling along the boulevard is not going to make you lose weight. It helps to get your body working with an active running position; walk upright, move your arms and tighten your abs. Carrying a heavy backpack also requires extra muscle effort. Walk on different surfaces. Walking on the loose sand for a while, or on irregular terrain, is good for your muscles and your stamina and thus helps you lose weight.

A Wandelbootcamp is completely a calorie burner. I myself stood on the crosstrainer for at least half an hour every week in the gym; brisk walking with an arm movement.


Increase your pace. Let your lungs and heart work. The faster you run the more calories you burn. Very effective training is interval training; alternate walking slowly and walking very fast together. It is always good to vary and to challenge yourself. Walking on unpaved paths, difficult terrain, loose sand, through the dunes or up the hill. If you are going to breathe heavily, you are doing well. My experience is also that the variety makes it fun and keeps me motivated.


Adjust your walking to food and drink plenty of clean water from your water cooler Paroo. It seems to be very good for the burn to take a walk after dinner. I love doing that too. Together with my husband, after a tour of the city. On the one hand, it keeps me from wanting another dessert and I always come back motivated.

When I go on a long trip I put just enough food in my backpack. Nice and clear. It also keeps me from ordering apple pie with whipped cream at the first coffee stop or having to have that fatty lunch somewhere. Nice that lunch, but not useful if you want to lose weight. I think it is also a common line of thought among walkers and athletes in general. They think they are doing well and burning a lot of calories and that they may or may need something extra. Do not! Do you know that for an apple pie with whipped cream you have to walk for more than two hours?

Drinking plenty of water from your water cooler Paroo is important. It facilitates digestion, making it easier to burn your food and making your body less likely to store fat. Water also removes waste.

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