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How much water should you drink in one day and why

Our body consists of 55 to 70% water. Water is therefore necessary for the proper functioning of our body. It is not for nothing that you can survive for days on end without food but only four days without water. Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. But how much do you have to drink?

What if you drink too little?

Inadequate water intake leads to dehydration that can manifest itself in symptoms such as dizziness or lightheadedness, strong smelling urine, dry mouth, headache, nausea, restlessness, irritability, fatigue and difficulty concentrating. In a more advanced stage, symptoms such as cramps, constipation and loss of appetite may occur.

How much should you drink?

It is generally recommended to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. This is to replenish the amount of fluid that one loses on average throughout the day - via sweat, urine, stool and exhalation - and thus avoid dehydration. However, depending on the circumstances in which you are located, this need may be higher. For example, in warm conditions the body will produce more sweat. The same applies to physical efforts.

6 tips to drink more water from your water cooler Pacific Pines

1. Use a refillable bottle or bottle. Apply markings on the can, such that you link every 100 to 200 ml with one hour. Strive to always drink to the end that suits the right hour. In this way you will be more consciously engaged in drinking water and you will notice that it is not so difficult to achieve the minimum requirement of 1.5 l / day. Indicate on the drinking bottle how many drinking bottles a day you should drink to get an intake of 1.5 l per day. A small can (0.5 or 0.75 liter) can be more motivating to drink than a large bottle of 1.5 liters because your smaller bus is empty faster.

2. Start early in the morning. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy. Do not wait until evening with good intentions: start early in the morning with a good glass of water at breakfast. By spreading your water intake well over the day, you also avoid nightly toilet visits.

3. Provide a reminder. Especially in busy periods you can sometimes come home in the evening with the realization that you have not drunk anything - that one glass at breakfast - that day. To remind you that you have to drink, you should always put your drinking bottle or glass in sight. You can also set an alarm or alarm clock, for example every two hours. There are now apps that help you with this.

4. Be prepared. Make sure there are a few bottles of water in your car and at work as standard. In this way you prevent yourself from ending up in situations (eg in traffic jams) where you will spend hours without water.

5. Make a habit of it. Make it a habit to prepare a glass of water as standard before you start your meal. Do not leave the table before the glass is empty. What kind of water to drink.

6. Add extra flavor. About Prestige Water. The more you drink something, the more you will drink from it. Do you prefer to drink spray water, drink mostly spray water! You can make the taste of water more interesting by adding slices of lemon / cucumber / orange, leaves of fresh mint.

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Almost all of us drink too little water, and that is pretty strange. Drink water easy from your water cooler Pacific Pines.

We may think that we drink enough water, but that is actually quite disappointing. Only one in fifteen people drinks the minimum amount of seven soda glasses per day. "And that's pretty strange if you know how important water is to you,".

According to Prestige Water, by far the majority of people do not go further than five standard glasses of water per day of 0.2 liters: structurally two glasses too little. While half of the people think they drink enough. How is that possible that we consume so little water? Research by the health insurance company among ten thousand people shows: we simply forget it. And that while drinking enough water is very important.

Because drinking water from your water cooler Pacific Pines is important, it is certain. The list of potential complaints due to lack of water is long. "Insomnia, tiredness or headache. These complaints can all be related to drinking too little water". Drinking too little also increases the risk of cystitis, kidney stones, muscle weakness and so on.

Water is therefore of vital importance to function properly. He himself drinks two glasses of water every morning when he gets up. And when he comes to work after cycling, two more glasses. "Because of that kind of fixed patterns, you forget to take a glass less quickly." Drinking water on your desk or standard water with your meal can also help. "Then you will come a long way."

Forgot to drink

  • Drinking at least 1.5 liters of water. Two liters of water in one day is even better. That is 7 to 10 glasses per day.
  • Yet only 15 percent of people drink enough water.10,000 people participated in the study.
  • 35 percent of people have simply forgotten to drink enough, 9 percent drink too little because they have to pee too often.
  • Young people in particular have difficulty remembering that they should drink enough. 46 percent say they forget to drink water.
  • Tap water is 30 to 1,300 times better for the environment than bottled water and all other bottled drinks, the Nutrition Center states. This is mainly because no packaging is required at all for tap water.

You need water, among other things, to get rid of waste and to maintain blood circulation. As soon as it is threatened, your body gives a signal: then you are thirsty. "A number of organs are extra sensitive to water, such as your brain," says Peter. "But the older you get, the less often you feel thirsty. Then you have to think about it more often."


All the water is healthy, both tap and spring water. Yet there is 'less healthy' water: water from which the minerals have been extracted, says Peter. "That is becoming increasingly popular, also because it is good for appliances. But it is precisely in 'hard water' that there are important substances that you need: calcium, magnesium, a little sodium, a little potassium. In hard water areas, fewer people suffer from heart and vascular diseases. "

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We drink too little water:

Not sure if you drink enough water from your water cooler Pacific Pines? Different tests can then help. Although not all of them can be saved, they can give an indication. For example, you can look at your urine: the darker the color, the more concentrated it is and the more you have to drink. "And of course being thirsty is also a clear signal". Why filter tapwater.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?