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Add flavors to your drinking water from your water cooler Ormiston

Tap water is not healthy anymore, therefore filter. Water is only water and although it is a first necessity of life and we absolutely realize that, that does not mean that we do not want to change things at all. We drink a glass of wine and exchange it with a glass of water, we start the day with a lukewarm glass of water and we make sure that we get 1.5 liters per day. But maybe you can make it even better with a taste. What kind of water to drink.

Add flavors and yes which then

With a taste we do not mean the lemonade syrup in the supermarket that is not really that good for you (think of the artificial sweeteners and colors), but give you the feeling that you are drinking something that looks like orange or strawberry juice. It consists for a large part of E-numbers and actually we know that we do not add too much health to the glass of water, which in many cases is still a lot better than a glass of soft drink. There are very simple ways to find better applications to give water an extra flavor. Take a look at the fruit bowl or in the vegetable drawer.

In this article a number of suggestions are made to "polish up" your water, where we assume that you still drink a healthy glass of water, a good taste and what you can drink almost unlimited. Incidentally, we know that we can not drink unlimited drinks, because you can also take in too much water. If you want to know more about this, click here.


Whatever you choose, always cut thin slices. Thick slices do not give more flavor and only make it more expensive. If you assume more flavor, 7 to 10 slices is enough to give a water bottle flavor.
A selection of the possibilities where health still predominates and where it depends on the personal taste, which you experience as delicious;

  • Perhaps the best known is the slices of lemon in the bottle of water from your water cooler Ormiston. It gives a fresh sweet / sour taste. You can also combine it with some fresh mint in hot or cold water. But only mint warm with a bit of honey is also a great combination.
  • You get a slightly sweeter version if you cut a few strawberries into slices and add them to the water. Some people also combine it with currency, but it is less popular.
  • Lime with some raspberries is also a nice fresh combination in the water and the water also gives a funny vague color. Lemon juice in your water - super healthy.
  • Lemon combined with lavender is a less obvious combination, but fresh taste.
  • If you are really into mixing, try the combination of mango, peach and pineapple. A unique taste, but not less tasty. Or combine lime with strawberries and some pieces of sweet apple.
  • As coin with lemon can, your coin can also be combined with lime - which is pretty similar to lemon - or make a combination with grapefruit.
  • The grapefruit can also be combined with orange in water. A really fresh combination that gives you a summer feeling!
  • What we use less is to mix the vegetables through the water, but there are different vegetables that lend themselves well to it. Just think of cucumber, very fresh. Or do some carrots in the water.


We are actually talking about a cold glass of water, but if you are not from the cold water, make a glass of tea (with a taste). Really not only the famous coin is suitable for drinking as a tea. Strawberries, raspberries or even cinnamon can produce a delicious glass of hot tea.


Water with a taste, but then healthy. It is not wrong at all and especially if it is hot in the summer, add some ice cubes and you have a delicious refreshing drink. About Prestige Water.
If you're a little bit lazy, then freeze several fresh fruits or vegetables, then use ice cubes and let it defrost as soon as you feel like it. Ideal and always a cozy drink at home during the hot days!

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How much water should we actually drink from our water cooler Ormiston?

In the public space, on sports fields, in lecture halls and classrooms, we see them everywhere: people with a bottle of water from which they sometimes take a sip. The question is whether this behavior is physiologically necessary.

The importance of water

How many liter of water should you drink. Water is an important part of the human body. An adult male of 70 kg consists of approximately 42 l of water, of which 28 l intracellular and 14 l extracellular, and again 3 l intravascular, 1 l transcellular (cerebrospinal liquor, eye, pleural, peritoneum, synovia) and 10 l interstitial. This water has many functions: as a building material, solvent, reagent, metabolic product and as a medium in which transport systems function. It is indispensable for a well-adjusted thermoregulation. It forms part of all secretion products. A shortage of water can endanger all these cellular and extracellular functions. Therefore please drink plenty of clean and filtered water from your water cooler Ormiston. Lose weight by drinking water.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?