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Drink, drink, drink, especially in hot weather

Misunderstanding 1: A person needs 2 liters of water

Drinking two liters of water a day, in addition to coffee and tea, is quite a task. Fortunately, this is not necessary. An adult needs a total of about 1.5 liters of drinking fluid in addition to the solid food. It is often thought that this water should be water, but that is not necessary. Almost all potable products contain water and therefore count: coffee, tea, dairy products (including yoghurt and custard), fruit juice, soft drinks.

Misunderstanding 2: If you are older, you do not have to drink that much

What drinking water really does for your skin. This is really a misunderstanding, because when you're older you need just a little more fluid: 1.7 liters per day. Say a good glass more per day. This difference is because with aging the skin becomes thinner, causing it to lose more fluid due to perspiration. Especially in warm weather, but also at a high room temperature.

Misunderstanding 3: Coffee is diuretic

It is often said that the caffeine in coffee drifts moisture. This seems so because it causes a faster expulsion of the moisture. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure. Faster yes, but not more! Incidentally, beer, wine and other alcoholic beverages are diuretic. Do not count that with your drinking fluid in a day.

Misunderstanding 4: In warm weather you need extra salt

In hot weather it is sometimes thought that it is necessary to eat more salt. That is also not true. We only need very little of salt (sodium). The amount of sodium that naturally occurs in your diet is already more than sufficient, even in hot weather if you lose a bit of salt due to perspiration.

Misunderstanding 5: All drinks are bad for your teeth

Water, tea and coffee without sugar are not harmful to the teeth because they contain hardly any acids or sugars. Mineral or spring water, with or without jab, and milk are fine. Especially soft drinks and fruit juices attack the teeth because they contain acids and sugars. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar.

Misunderstanding 6: you must drink when you are thirsty

For young people this applies in principle, but not for the elderly. As the child grows older, the intensity of the thirst feeling decreases as a 'natural alarm signal'. Medications can also ensure that you do not notice so quickly that your body can use some fluid. If the urine gets darker, it may be a sign that you drink too little. Eating delicious ripe fruit. Hunger, a dry mouth and a bad mood can also indicate a shortage of fluid.

Tip from the dietitian

Drink throughout the day; after all, you also lose fluid all day long during breathing, talking and of course through the urine. A glass of water at hand is always a good idea.

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