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7 tips for drinking (more) water from a water cooler on sale

To drink water! Sigh, for most of us this is quite a challenge. And we all know that drinking water is good for us, and that if we want to lose weight, we really have to go to the municipal pill. Count on average 1.5 to 2.5 liters of water per day, depending on your posture. Just get that away. Below are some tips for increasing water consumption.

Tip 1 - Measure what you drink

By drinking water from a bottle or can you can keep track of how much water you drank that day. For this, preferably take a glass jug or bottle. Most plastic bottles or jugs contain substances that are released into the water, which you then cheerfully drink inside together with your water. There are nowadays plastic bottles for sale free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC, such as the Bobble. This is available in various sizes and colors.

Tip 2 - Reduce caffeine and alcohol

Both caffeine (coffee and cola), theine (tea) and alcohol extract moisture from the body. Many people indicate that they have to pee more when they have drunk coffee. This is due to the moisture-wicking effect that these three drinks have in common. Try to limit the intake to a minimum, or take, for example, decaffeinated coffee / cola and theine-free tea (health food store). Of course, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are not recommended during a diet. Prestige Water has the benchtop and floor standing water cooler on sale. Check out our website.

Tip 3 - Set your alarm clock

Are you also someone who "forgets" to drink? Then the solution is simple: set an alarm clock! Nowadays, most people have a telephone with a alarm clock or alarm. Set this so that you hear a beep every half hour, and of course make sure that when you hear this beep you train yourself to drink a glass of water.

Tip 4 - A glass after a toilet visit

If you drink more, you also go to the toilet more. Get used to having a good amount of water before you leave the house. For example, you can put a half-liter bottle next to your bed and drink it slowly when you wake up. Take a large glass of (theine-free) tea for breakfast, and drink a glass of water when brushing your teeth. The result is that you have to go to the toilet quite quickly! And then the above slogan applies: a glass for each puddle. Train yourself to grab a glass of water at every toilet and drink it. This way you keep drinking from your water cooler on sale all day!

Tip 5 - Always bring water

Make sure you always have water with you. Put a bottle in your bag, and make sure that you regularly take a few sips along the way. When you go out, make sure your bottle is full, and fill it when it is empty on the way.

Tip 6 - Your body requires water

Your body requires water. However, if you drink poorly, your body will stop passing on the "thirst" signal. If you make sure in the coming period that you start drinking more, the "thirst" signal will be passed on again. Then make sure you respond to this by drinking water. Do not confuse the "hunger" signal with the "thirst" signal. You often think that you are hungry, while you are actually just short of water. So drink a full glass from your water cooler on sale. Get used to drink a large glass of water first with the "hunger" signal.

Tip 7 - Give water a taste

Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. If the water comes boring, give your water a taste. Nowadays, sugar-free lemonades are available. However, make sure you do not drink it too often, since it is often sweetened with sweetener. Drinking water with fruit and spice.

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