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Alkaline water: De acidify your body

Alkaline water, is the nature of water. I use alkaline water (or alkaline tablets) to prevent gout attacks. That has worked well for me for about 10 years, as long as I do not forget to use it. I have summarized information about how it works - and what it is all about even better for - here. Because that information is also interesting for others, even if you have no gout. De acidification and ignition brakes can also be done without basic water: with the Wim Hof Method. Is water melon healthy?

Everything about acidification in short

  •     The body is souring more and more, by everyone, by eating and by moving. Drinking water lowers the blood pressure.
  •     Fruit and vegetables light up slightly, all the other food (carbohydrates, proteins, sugar) sours strongly. Acid fruit like lemon, like other fruit, is slightly slightly acidifying, after digestion.
  •     The body uses calcium from bones to de-acidify (bone loss, osteoporosis) and that is prevented with alkaline water / mineral pills.
  •     The body stores excess acid in crystals (which can also form kidney stones, among other things).
  •     Gout is a consequence of those crystals, which are foreign to the body, and cause inflammation in joints. Through a microscope, they are very sharp small needles. They also damage the kidneys in this way.
  •     Blood and cells can contain more oxygen if it is not acidic. What drinking water really does for your skin.
  •     Basic blood is thinner, flows easier, and releases oxygen more easily and deeper.
  •     To prevent acidification you can drink alkaline water or swallow mineral tablets. The basic atoms bind with acids and form harmless new compounds. Spring water and water from mountain streams is often basic, sometimes even PH value 10. The PH value is shown on the bottle. Above 7 it is basic, including acid. Spa Blue is for example 6, so slightly acidic. Most soft drinks are very sour: 3.5. Cola is even 2.5. Gastric juice and hydrochloric acid are 1.5.
  •     Sports and exercise causes acidification in muscle tissue, but also makes the body more efficient in terms of oxygen, in many ways. The net result is that moderate sports and exercise do not acidify your body.
  •     The outside of your body must be acidic, that is natural and normal: acid protects.

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Healthy water from your water cooler Oberon. Drink cold water or warm water during the slimming process? A top expert explains.

It is a question that fat people who want to lose weight always ask slimming experts. During the day, can I preferably drink cold water or warm water during my weight loss process? According to renowned slimming and rejuvenation experts, the choice of cold or warm water depends on various factors.

"When drinking ice-cold water, the body has to work a little harder to bring it up to body temperature. This means you consume more calories, about 8 to 9 more per glass compared to warm water. "

Fat women easily slim with Constantin's LC method, say, scientists.
"So if you drink enough cold water all day, you can get around to a total of 60 to 70 calories of additional burn per day. This small gain from drinking cold water is comparable to walking for about 12 to 14 minutes, "explains the top expert.

However, the expert advises with flu and colds to prefer hot / warm water. People who suffer from migraines can also prefer to leave very cold water. Research has shown that drinking very cold water could trigger a migraine attack. Great tasting water from your water cooler Oberon.

According to the weight loss expert, you can stimulate fat burning much better by adding natural fat burners to your water.

"I always recommend adding Grannur, Gemberslank and / or Dynamic Fat Burner fruit concentrates to the water to boost the fat metabolism even more. The synergistic combination of healthy polyphenols in these natural products has a very beneficial effect on slimming and other important body processes.

The slimming expert emphasizes that drinking hot / hot water has many advantages. Especially for the digestion system, hot / hot water from your water cooler Oberon gives many more benefits than cold water.

"People with constipation can make good use of drinking very warm water or lukewarm water, especially on an empty stomach. The same is the case with flu and colds. The warm water also ensures better blood circulation in the stomach, has a slightly calming effect and gives a fuller feeling for most. In short: drinking both cold and warm water has its advantages. The most important thing is that we drink plenty of water every day ".

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