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You should drink so much water on a hot day

With these tropical temperatures we are sweating a bit with everyone. Water, a super drink. All that lost moisture must also be replenished. Is the recommended amount of two liters of water per day sufficient, or are we still better to drink a few more glasses of water from your water cooler Nudgee?

Every hour a glass

According to the Nutrition Center it is wise to drink a glass of water every hour, even if you are not thirsty. You quickly reach two and a half to three liters a day. That also corresponds to the formula of the well-known fitness trainer. According to his guideline, you must daily at least multiply your body weight by 0.44 and divide by drinking 10 liters of water. Someone of sixty kilos must drink 2.6 liters of water according to this formula. Of course, tea and water with flavor also count for your fluid intake, just like moisture that you ingest from food.

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Take plenty

Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding need more fluid and can safely drink three liters of water a day from your water cooler Nudgee. Fatigue solved by drinking water. Even people who do intensive exercise are well advised to pay attention to their fluid intake. Do you prefer to sit on the terrace all day? Do not forget to order a carafe of water with your wine. The alcohol loses more moisture, so you dry out faster.

How do you recognize dehydration?

Those who drink too little can have to deal with dehydration symptoms. You sweat less, you are thirsty, you feel drowsy and you can even faint because your blood pressure is too low. You can also get confused, because your brain cells are extra sensitive to dehydration. Prevent dehydration by always putting a (recyclable) bottle of water in your bag on hot days. Have you forgotten to drink water? Do not go digging gallons like crazy at once. Your kidneys can only handle 0.7 to 1 liter of water per hour. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

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You drink healthy with water from your water cooler Nudgee

Some people drink them fat by consuming beer and other alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, milk shakes, fruit juice and other sugar-containing drinks is a big hit. These drinks (including fresh fruit juices) are among the hidden fat makers. Even with a normal, balanced diet, the scale tends to become overweight.

Most people don't drink enough water. In a healthy, slimming-promoting lifestyle, drinking sufficient water is the first priority. If you want to lose weight, water is extremely important, because it releases many toxic substances that are stored in the fat cells.

By drinking a lot of water from your water cooler Nudgee we help detoxify the body. Our body consists of 70 to 80% water. Water can help you lose weight even more by drinking it cool; that helps to boost body burn. The best thing about water is that it has no calories.

Water aids in detoxification

In the morning, the body is still detoxifying (this mainly happens at night, but it continues until about noon in the morning). During this detoxification phase, water is the best thing to drink because it helps with the process. Eating fruit and raw vegetables also supports the body in detoxing.

Avoid soft drinks, milk and diet drinks. Green tea in the morning is okay, provided you drink a lot of water with it. Also pay attention to fruit juices; even freshly squeezed fruit juices are full of fruit sugar and contain extra calories that you better avoid. Freshly squeezed fruit juice can be drunk, but in moderation because of the sugar and the extra calories.

Most freshly squeezed fruit drinks are chemically prepared and bad for the body. Routine consumption of alcoholic drinks also contributes to obesity because of the extra calories. It's okay to have a glass of wine a few times a week, but don't make alcohol a daily habit.

Water is at a lonely, high altitude as far as vital and healthy slimming is concerned. It is better to filter the tap water to detoxify it.

It is best to switch to drinking plenty of water overnight. The body needs about three months to get used to it and to regain a healthy moisture balance. Usually you notice a difference after two to three weeks and you feel much fitter. Start the day well by drinking two glasses of water early in the morning, immediately after getting up.

If you are hungry between meals, drink a few glasses of water and you will notice that your appetite decreases. If not, eat some fruit and some nuts at most twice a day. Take your water bottle (and some fruit) wherever you go.

Drink water from your benchtop or floor standing water cooler Nudgee regularly.

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