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TIP: What water really does with your body

Man consists of 60 to 70% water. So you can say that water is vitally important to us. But what can we really expect from this natural panacea? Water with minerals is better than just tap water. Because we consist of more than half of water, we have to hydrate our body both inside and outside, a moisturizer will not cover the load! To go on the organic tour: water is involved in all kinds of body processes such as breathing, perspiration, blood pressure, metabolism ... Drinking sufficient water every day is not a luxury! But how much water do you have to drink exactly? Our body needs approximately 2.8 liters of fluid to be precise. Do not let that put you off, let me break it down for you:

  1.     300 ml comes from your body itself.
  2.     1l comes from our diet.
  3.     In total, only 1.5 liters remain. Should be OK. And the good news: that 1.5 liter must simply be moisture, not necessarily water.

We would like to give you another warning before you drink water ad fund um. Why filter tapwater. There is also something like a water poisoning. Such a poisoning can occur if you drink 2 liters of water in a short time - read: 30 minutes. Your blood can not handle this, literally. So take a minute, take your time!


Alkaline water, is the nature of water. Before we list the benefits, you have to promise me one thing: after reading this article you will actually be able to drink more water, right? Because there is usually the problem, correct me if I'm wrong. At home, at school or at work, you generally drink a glass of water every now and then. But the problem occurs when you're on the road - or that's how it goes with me. The ideal solution for this is a super cute bottle that stimulates you to drink water! With such a nice and practical packaging it is almost a pleasure to pick up your drink bus and drink it again.

Second, then, which water do you drink? Opinions about tap water are divided, it is available almost everywhere but many people refuse to drink tap water. No more excuses from now on because Brita offers the ideal solution for this. Drinking cans with an integrated filter! Now also filtered water on the go! Once installed you can fill a can with water and drink from it, for once you can be very selfish, fill the can completely and try to drink it one day, then you have 1.4 liters of purified water inside! Enjoy water all day without fragrance and taste-distracting substances!


Now that you are willing to drink water, we will gladly give you a boost by listing all the benefits for your body and skin! Water makes your skin more elastic so you are less likely to get irritated and wrinkles. Your scars become less noticeable and the oil concentration of your skin decreases. Water drains the toxins from your body, say day against puisjes and hello glowy skin! So to summarize: drinking water and make-up becomes superfluous.

Note: the moment you stop drinking enough water, those signs of aging become visible again. So keep it up!
What water really does with your body

Water is very important for your skin. And then I'm talking about the water you drink. Because if you like long hot showers or baths, then I have bad news for you. All that water strips your skin from the natural oils. You can solve this by shocking your skin with a cold bath. Brrrr, no, I am not a fan either, but it helps to reduce redness and your skin is a better basis for applying make-up after wards. Immerse your face in warm water, allowing you to open pores. Immediately after wards you think your face in ice cold water - brain freeze assured! This closes the pores again and your skin becomes tighter. DIY plastic surgery with you in the bathroom! This trick also helps against fatigue and the ac comp


Water is not only good for your skin but also for your hair! At the end of your (short) shower, you should rinse your hair with cold water, a quick fix for shiny and stronger hair. Want long hair? Even seawater is good for you. The maritime plants repair, cleans and untangle your hair and the beachy waves you get for free. Of course, a splash in the sea does not resemble a super-snap hairstyle. To avoid frizz, you should first rinse your hair and then use a restorative conditioner.

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Why is Filtered Water so Important?