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Water with fruit, healthy water

Fruit water, water with and taste or water with fruit, whatever you call it: this thirst quencher is often a favorite with children. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Because 1. fruit water in a bottle looks nice and fruit is delicious in water. Maybe you have some questions about this cheerful drink. For example: Is fruit water healthy, which fruit is delicious in water, which fruit water recipes are good for children and how can I make fruit water myself? That's why a blog about fruit water. Plus the 15 tastiest fruit water recipes to make fruit water yourself.

Is water with fruit healthy?

Pretty handy, the fruit waters from the supermarket. But they are usually not healthy. Fruit waters from the supermarket often contain sugars and other unnecessary additives. You can simply make the most delicious and healthy fruit waters yourself. Give your own water a taste by simply adding some fruit or herbs. So if you ask yourself: 'Is water with fruit healthy?' The answer is: 'Yes, if you choose to make yourself and add no sugars and other unnecessary sweeteners'. 7 Ways to influence your energy intake.

More healthy drinks for children, Making fruit water.

Making fruit water is simple. Cut ripe fruit into small pieces, put the pieces in a bottle or decanter, fill the bottle with water and put it away in the fridge. The taste of the fruit then mixes well with the water. After an hour you have a delicious fruit water. A healthy alternative to lemonade, soft drinks and fruit drinks from the supermarket :)! Which fruit you use does not really matter. Actually, all fruits are delicious in water. From strawberry to melon and from apple to lemon.

Making water with a taste for children

Calculate how much water you should drink. Even more fun is to make this healthy drink together with your kids. Children like to help. And if you give them a voice, chances are they will not only make the water but also drink it. That saves the necessary sugars, compared with for example limo (which of course you can make yourself fine). Rule: you choose the fruit together, you cut and your kids put the fruit in the bottle. Flue and drinking water. Larger children can of course also cut the fruit together with you.

Some fruit water recipes

There are countless fruit water recipes and fruit water combinations. And the nice thing is: they are all just as easy to make. Do you want to make fruit water yourself? Inspiration with these 15 fruit water recipes.
1. Water with lime

Do you want to make a lime drink? For a bottle of fruit water you need this:

    1 Orange
    1 Lime
    Ice cubes (optional)

Wash the orange and lime. Halve them and squeeze out half a lime and orange in the bottle. Cut the other halves into segments. Put the pieces together with a handful of ice cubes in the bottle. Fill the bottle with water and this summery lemon drink is ready.
2. Make lemon lime water

Water with lemon and lime is a golden combination for water with a taste. To make this fruit water yourself, do you do this:

    Half lemon
    1 Lime
    Ice cubes (optional)

Wash the fruit and halve the lime. Squeeze 1 half of the lime into a bottle. Cut the other half and half the lemon into pieces. Put the parts in the bottle. Add some ice cubes and fill the bottle with water. You do not have to do more for lemon-lime water.
3. Make lemon water yourself

This recipe for lemon water is mega simple. Making lemon water yourself is perfect on summer days. Nice and refreshing. All you need is:

    1 Lemon
    Ice cubes (optional)

Wash the lemon and halve it. Cut half a lemon into pieces and press the other half over the water jug. Fill the water jug with the lemon slices, water and ice cubes. The lemon is refreshing but also sour. The reason why children often find it less pleasant. Still, lemon water drinking has beneficial effects. With a glass of lemon water in the morning you get your digestion going, it works detoxifying and it is full of vitamin B, C, calcium iron, magnesium, potassium, enzymes, antioxidants and fiber. Good reason to start your day with lemon water. Then drop the ice cubes and fill your glass with lukewarm water.
4. Make lemon cucumber water

Water with cucumber and lemon is a delicious combination for fruit water. The cucumber brings the acidity of the lemon a bit to the background and gives a nice taste. This is the recipe:

    1/3 Cucumber washed and sliced
    1 Lemon
    Ice cubes (optional)

Wash and halve the lemon. Squeeze 1 half over the bottle where you want to make the fruit water. Cut the other half into segments. Put those wedges together with the slices of cucumber, the ice cubes and the water in the water bottle. Let it puff before you pour the fruit water.

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