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Drinking filtered water helps against cellulite

Did you ever think "can the solution be so simple?". In many cases this is not the case, but some specific solutions are really simple. We all drink water, but we usually drink too little. Through all other possible alternatives (soft drinks, alcohol, juice, coffee, etc.) we have received too much choice and therefore we are likely to overlook or forget what we need most. Actually I should drink more water - Useful tips.

Water you need about 2 liters a day from your benchtop or floor standing water cooler Nambucca Heads ... Are you coming to this?
If I'm very honest, it's hard to drink 2 liters of water a day. But when you are aware of this, it succeeds. Your body needs this to be able to clean itself from within. But now I am talking about the connection between cellulite and water. Let me ask you a question.

Do you think you can reduce cellulite by drinking more water a day?

The answer will surprise you ....
It has been scientifically demonstrated that when you drink more water, you reduce cellulite symptoms by 30%. By hydrating your body, lower body fat cells will be less visible, which will actually show less cellulite. In Japan, they did a test that they had seen in women that when they drank a larger amount of water, they had less bigger hips and better BMI than women who drank less water.

Do you have cellulite? So drink water

Water with minerals is better than just tap water. I can imagine that when you do not drink a lot of water, it's a good idea to get that 2 liters of water a day. Apart from the fact that drinking water is not always the best (believe me, I also like soda), but especially because it is not routine activity, it's easy to forget.

When you only drink coffee and tea in the morning, it's hard to switch to water. The desire is often stronger than our logical brain. By this I mean that we even do things that we know are unhealthy, but because it's a habit we accept it. One example is smoking. Everyone knows this is unhealthy, but many people still smoke or can not get rid of it because it has become a habit.

Start the day with drinking half a liter of water. After sleep, your body needs moisture and if we only drink coffee or tea this will further dry your body. Below are some tips for you that will help you get enough water.

    - Drink if you get up immediately ½ liter of water, Benefits of drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach.
    - Eat fruit with a lot of water: Watermelon / Cucumber, 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations.
    - Always bring a bottle of water into your handbag
    - Fill a 2 liter bottle of water every day. This allows you to easily track or succeed!
    - Eat celery
    - Drink water that is at room temperature, this is easier to drink
    - Drink in bed for a big glass of water

Would not you like to reduce cellulite by 30% by just drinking more water? Take the challenge and tell me your own story .... Will this work for you? I think so

The importance of moisturizing and drinking from your water cooler Nambucca Heads

Autumn has started and winter is imminent. If you don't want to look like a mummy during the cold months, hydrate your skin well. The cold weather and low moisture content provide dry air, which then steals moisture from your skin. If you don't moisturize enough, you can get skin cracks and even bleed.


The greatest benefit of moisturizing is anti-aging. For centuries, we've been looking for miracle cures to look younger: from Cleopatra bathed in donkey blood to Empress Sisi using raw veal face masks. Fortunately, today there are more civilized remedies to combat old age. One of the best ways is moisturizing. When the skin loses moisture, it becomes dry and loses elastin, causing it to droop and create lines. So moisturizing your face and body is a must for those who want to keep looking young.


It helps to lubricate extra moisturizers, but it often takes more to resist the cold and keep your skin looking young and smooth. To prevent chapping, redness and itching, you can apply the tips below.

1. Wash your skin with lukewarm water

During the cold winter months, you may long for a hot shower, but it won't benefit your skin in the long run. Hot water removes plenty of protective oils from your skin, causing it to dry out. If you can't resist a steaming bath, try using lukewarm water when you only wash your hands or face.

2. Apply a moisturizing cream immediately after washing

When it is cold outside, your skin not only needs more hydration but also immediately after washing because your skin dries out very quickly at that time. It is therefore highly advisable to lubricate a moisturizing cream as soon as possible. When you apply face cream or body lotion to damp skin, the moisture is absorbed along with the cream. Put your jar or tube close to the sink, shower or bathtub so that you don't forget it! For people with dry or very dry skin, applying body oil or serum right after moisturizing is a real must. They penetrate deep into the skin to give them a real hydration boost. For example, try the Corpus Paradoxe Body Oil from Beauté Pacifique. This oil with two types of Vitamin E has a deep-acting anti-aging effect, protects skin cells against aggressive free radicals, gives a silky smoothness and reduces pigmentation.

3. Choose your cream carefully

Some grocery creams contain petroleum-based ingredients that can dry out your skin even more in winter. Make sure to use a cream with active, nourishing ingredients. Choose an oil-based cream (rather than a water-based one) as it helps your skin retain moisture.

4. Protect your skin from the cold

Wear a scarf or turtleneck to protect your face and décolleté from cold wind, rain and snow. You protect your hands with gloves. Due to exposure to the winter cold, they often age quickly and unnoticed, and often unintentionally betray your age. Do not forget to lubricate your face with cream with SPF. Although you may not see much of the sun in winter, its rays are just as harmful as in the warm summer months.

5. Heating on = humidify indoor air

Cold weather ensures that the heating runs at full speed inside. However, this takes a lot of moisture from the air, which is very bad for your skin. Installing a humidifier can help, but if you find this too expensive, you can also hang a container of water on your heater. Do you sleep at night with the heating on? Then a humidifier in your bedroom is a real must so that your skin does not dry out.

6. Drink enough from your water cooler Manbucca Heads

We tend to drink less during the winter because it is less warm and we don't sweat that much. Don't forget that your skin needs to be hydrated from the inside as well. If you have trouble drinking water, you can also squeeze a little lemon juice in warm water: refreshing and hydrating at the same time! A cup of tea is also a great option!

7. Don't forget feet and hands

Dryer parts of the body such as hands, feet, elbows and knees have thin skin and often lose moisture faster than the rest of our body. If you suffer from this, it is best to rub them before you go to sleep with a moisturizing lotion. Try the Beauté Pacifique Enriched Hydrating Hand Creme! It provides excellent softness throughout the day without a greasy feeling and is ideal for treating and repairing the skin in extreme dehydration.

8. Hydrate from the inside out

Foods with high water content can help moisturize your skin.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?