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TIP: Why do you need to drink so much water a day

Children and drinking water. You have to drink more water, that's healthy. " You've probably heard of it, but why is it healthy? And how do you do that, drink more water? This can be difficult if you almost never thirst or if you are busy all day. That is why there are a lot of tips below that can help you drink more water. Maybe it will be easier if you know why drinking water is exactly right! Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

Water is needed in your body to:

    to absorb nutrients in the intestines
    transport nutrients and waste products in the body
    to regulate your body temperature (for example by sweating)
    to be able to breathe
    you can keep your blood pressure on the arrow
    keep your skin nice (less water will give you more wrinkles, although water can not stop skin aging)

The body of an average adult man consists of about 65% water. Every day we lose about 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid through urine, stool, sweat and possibly breastfeeding. This amount depends of course on a number of factors, such as ambient temperature (the higher, the more you sweat and thus the more fluid you lose), physical activity (sweating), age (the older, the worse the kidneys work: too much fluid is removed) and diseases (such as vomiting and diarrhea). To stay healthy, you have to replenish the water balance! The Nutrition Center recommends one and a half liters of fluid per day. This does not necessarily have to be water: all drinks count. Water is of course the healthiest, because there are no added substances such as sugars.

Tip 1: start the day with a glass of water
When you wake up after a night's sleep, your body has not had any fluid inside for hours. However, water has been extracted from your body, for example by sweat. Add the water level again with one glass of water. If your body (for example after following these tips) is accustomed to drinking more water, you can start the day with two or three glasses of water.

Tip 2: drink a glass of water with food / set fixed times
It can also help you drink water at set times. Easy to do with meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner. Put a glass of water on the table as standard and take a sip every once in a while. Make sure you empty the glass, possibly after the meal. Which also helps: a spicy meal. This will allow you to reach the water faster!

Tip 3: give the water a taste
If you drink a lot of water, it can sometimes stop you. You can of course add a flavor to your water! This can of course be done with production of lemonade syrup. Note: these often contain a lot of sugars. It is healthier to add fresh fruit (such as lemon, lime, strawberries), vegetables (such as cucumber, carrot) or herbs (such as mint, rosemary). Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. There are many variations and combinations: try what you like!

Tip 4: keep track of how much you drink
To get at least 1.5 liters of fluid that you have to drink, it can help you to write down or keep track of how much you have already drunk. For example, you can set a goal to drink 3 bottles of water (3 * 0.5 liters is 1.5 liters) during the day. Every time you have drunk a bottle, you can mark it off. This way you can see how far you are and whether you are on schedule (distribute intake over the entire day). Put it on paper, in your phone or on your computer. This is also possible with glass water. As your body is accustomed to drinking water, you can raise your goal to 4 bottles for example.

Tip 5: always keep a bottle of water handy
If you always have a bottle of water with you, this will lead you to drink more often. Try to learn to take a sip from time to time, with the aim, for example, of drinking a bottle of water for lunch. You can of course take a glass instead of a bottle. This has the result that you will have to walk around water more often. This is not a problem (and of course good for you) but it can increase the threshold for drinking water. Are you going to exercise? Always bring a bottle of water with you! / Source: Byrev, PixabayAre you doing sports? Always bring a bottle of water with you!

Tip 6: spread the fluid intake over the day
Do not try to drink a liter of water at once. This is not healthy and because of this the water will stand against you. You do not shoot anything with it: the water that your body at that moment does not need (yet) will simply leave the body through your urine. It is better to take sips / swallows during the day. That way your body stays hydrated all day long. Good hydration in the summer.

Tip 7: drink some water after each toilet visit
Teach yourself to drink water after you have been to the toilet. This gives you a kind of vicious circle: from drinking you have to go to the toilet, after the toilet you drink something, so you have to go to the toilet again.

Tip 8: prepare the amount of water every day
To make it more visual, if you are at home for example, you can get the water ready. You can think of several bottles or for example a jug with water. By getting the water ready you can quickly see how much you have to drink that day.

Tip 9: choose a large glass
With a large glass you do not have to drink water as often. If you teach yourself to always empty your glass (for example, when eating), you will get more inside than with a small glass.

Tip 10: put bottles of water in places where you come a lot
To remind yourself of drinking water, you can put bottles of water in places (at home or at your workplace) where you come a lot, for example next to your computer or at the bank. If you pass these places, you take at least one sip of water. It can also help to drink a drink of water if, for example, you wait for your print to roll out of the printer. For example, if you can not put a bottle with your printer at your workplace, teach yourself to take your bottle with you every time you walk to the printer. Another possibility is in the car. Put a bottle within reach so that you can drink while driving.

Tip 11: put a reminder on your phone
Of course you can use your phone to help you. There are several applications / apps that can help you drink more water. Set up reminders / alarms (just from your phone or via the app) and keep track of how much you have drunk. An example of such an app is 'Water your body'. This app reminds you that you should drink water. When you have something up (for example a glass), you fill it in on the app. For example, the app will calculate all kinds of statistics. You can also keep track of your weight when you want to lose weight.

Tip 12: Drink a glass of water (or spa) instead of soft drinks or alcohol
Do you drink standard soda, juice or alcohol in the evening (a glass)? Then try to replace it in part with water. Alcohol extracts moisture (to remove the alcohol through the urine), so if you still want to drink, take a glass of water.

Tip 13: use water to add something
Try to use more water while cooking / preparing food. Try a splash of water instead of olive oil in a dressing. When working, do not just add sauce but stir the sauce with water. When making smoothies you can dilute with water instead of dairy or juice. That way your drink will also become healthier! Some people also like to drink oatmeal with water instead of milk. Do you enjoy drinking juice? You can also make your juice healthier by adding it to water.

Tip 14: eat food that contains a lot of water
Of course, you do not just have to drink water to get water. You already get a part of the water from food. Now of course you can also eat food that contains a high percentage of water. You can think of cucumber, watermelon and grapefruit.

Tip 15: ask your family / friends to help
If your family / friends know that you are trying to teach yourself to drink more water, they can help you remember. So you are not alone! Of course you can also help each other remember, if you are not the only one who wants to drink more water per day.

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